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April 08 2021



As you proceed to race your way to Success, Speed has much less importance as compared to your Stamina! 

Do you often get exhausted beyond bounds even after just stepping outside the house for a few minutes? How about you failing to catch your breath after climbing a short flight of stairs? What if when you pull all-nighters to study for an exam only to feel dead-tired and miserable the next day? All of these are instances of intense exhaustion and lack of stamina which gives rise to potent fatigue and tiredness, slowing down your average rate of daily progression too. 

With life being constantly thriving and innovative, the possibilities are endless and that requires agile and focused efforts to survive. In this fast-paced lifestyle, deteriorating stamina works detrimentally towards reducing your work-life productivity and overall health. Your physical and psychological fitness is also dependent on your stamina capability. For this reason, it’s essential to start taking measures towards improving the same.

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve put together a list of easy and natural techniques and habits to inculcate in your daily life, beat exhaustion, and greatly improve your stamina. Make sure to take proper notes and follow this list religiously! 

Indulge in Regular Exercising 

Don’t think it’s weird to suggest doing something that proves you reducing stamina. Scientists and wellness experts suggest how beneficial exercising can be in increasing your endurance and keeping you away from easy fatigue. A research study conducted in May 2017 proved how the participants indulged in work-related stressful occurrences that were lowering their stamina and inculcating an exercise regimen with strict monitoring helped improve their overall energy levels to great extents. Apart from an energy boost, they also experienced rising work productivity, improved sleep cycle, and enhanced cognitive abilities. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got a wide range of workout supplements to help boost your stamina the right and organic way!

ZMA supplements (Zinc, Magnesium, and Pyridoxine) come in softgels to perform as your workout buddy.

 L-Carnitine supplements, presenting naturally occurring amino acid tablets to boost your metabolism and replenish energy. 

Flaxseed Oil softgel supplements labeled as AlenFlax are a natural way to boost maximum strength and muscular integrity. 

Try performing Bench Presses

If you need a foolproof technique to improve stamina, strength training exercises go a long way. Performing simple bench presses at the gym or in the comforts of your home for an average of 5-6 times a day could work wonders in boosting your energy levels. Along with your muscle endurance, even its mass and integrity are greatly increased, so fitness-conscious individuals could invest time in this activity. 

Go for Cycling outdoors

And no, we’re not mentioning the Gym Cycle you would rather opt for. It’s best to inhale the fresh, rejuvenating breeze outdoors by going cycling in natural environments. This cardio workout is a seamless way to increase your stamina, and muscle endurance - not just your hands, but your legs too. A tip would be to keep your back straight while cycling, try squeezing your shoulder blades and ride a bit slowly every 15 minutes. Another positive impact is participating in cycling rallies or long-distance track cycling at least tri-annually. 

Make sure to do Push-ups

The most basic and sought-after gym exercise, push-ups go a long way in improving your stamina too. A tip would be to keep your palms as close to your chest as possible and arch your body in a straight manner. Traditionally, about ten reps, each performed in 2 sets should be enough for a good workout session. 

Climbing Stairs

We know this gets you more exhausted than ever and many would lament about how climbing up is way more difficult than walking down, but this is an effective way to increase your stamina. Apart from raising your power and muscular strength, it majorly plays a role in boosting endurance. Instead of opting for flatter surfaces, try going for slightly inclined stairwells for an improvised cardio workout. This makes you greatly increase proper oxygen flow to your cells too. 

Swim every week

The pool is a classic way of increasing your energy output by swimming your way through resistant water. Try getting in a few laps before sunset because that’s the ideal time as per reports for a sound workout. Avoid going to crowded pools where you fail to find effective concentration, instead just choosing a personal lane and doing laps there. This full-body workout session is required for a minimum of 20 minutes every week. 

Stay Hydrated at all times

Your amount of daily water consumption is directly proportional to the rate of energy boost experienced by your body. Whenever you deem yourself to be low on energy and stamina, you could easily blame it on the effects of dehydration, thereby proving the immense benefits of this life-essential source. Increased intake of regular drinking water at regular intervals will help boost your stamina generation and keep you healthy and fit. 

Put inadequate hours of Sleep 

It’s best to not oversleep or undersleep but retrospectively, pre-calculate the number of hours of sleep a person your age requires and time yourself, and then go to bed. This restricts your sleep schedule and keeps you in line to avail of just the right amount of sleep. For accurate and rejuvenated rewinding of your body throughout the next day, it’s best to get in approximately 6-7 hours of sleep in one go. A long run or a jog will make sleep come more easily and make it quicker to fall asleep during the nights. 

Alvizia Healthcare’s Melatonin supplements labeled AlenSleep help achieve just the right amount of sleep for you to stay refreshed the next day!

Quit Smoking as soon as possible 

The adverse effects of smoking are widely known and don’t need to be specified which is why if you’re still unable to kick off this habit, it’s time to take a step towards doing so as quickly as possible. Even if you just reduce your daily intake of tobacco, it’s the start of something. Smoking is responsible for draining your essential body energy by inducing insomnia too. Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco, works as a stimulant. It increases your heart rate, gives rise to hypertension, raises your risk of getting anxiety/depression, and stimulates brainwave action that’s directly correlated to wakefulness, depriving you of quality sleep. 

Curb Stress in the bud

Emotions and reactions that are induced due to stressful situations work deterioratingly on your body’s stamina output. The draining of energy only reduces your quality of life which is why we suggest getting help when needed. This could be in the form of seeking professional medical help from a psychologist, speaking out to a near and dear one, joining support groups/circles, etc. Getting your problems out into the open is already a great beginning to feeling better and ushering in a positive mood and outlook. 

Switch to listening to Calming Music

With the advent of rock and roll and rap songs, people tend to forget how peaceful and calming the effects of listening to instrumentals or jazz or blues used to be. Try switching to listening to more melodious and calming songs because research suggests that your music choice has an indirect reaction to your stamina levels. When you plug into nirvana during your strenuous workout session, shortness of breath could be prevented altogether. 

Opt for Nutritious Diet options

Here are a few options of dietary intake that are bound to improve your bodily stamina levels by drastic extents: Ashwagandha, a herb that promotes health and vitality, additionally boosting cognitive functions and improving memory skills. Bananas, provide high amounts of nutrients through potassium, fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B6, and fibers. Brown Rice, with its lowered amount of processing, helps derive additional nutrients compared to its white counterpart, whereby energy-spiking components like fiber, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein, and carbs play a vital role. Coffee, inadequate amounts the caffeine boost will also help improve your stamina and make it easier to focus. Eggs, an excellent addition to your meals, each serving has high carb content releasing ample amounts of energy. Avoid consuming large amounts of milk, alcohol, fried food, etc. as they only work towards making you more lethargic. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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