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February 17 2021



Three key essentials before you begin your journey as a Gym enthusiast? 

- Determination 

- Dedication 

- Discipline 

You’ve probably heard gym-freaks constantly muttering how ecstatic they are to begin a new routine or catch up with whatever latest trend or workout session they missed out on. And then there’s that certain group of people that keep chanting about how witnessing results just makes their passion even stronger. There’ll also be a particularly obsessive crowd talking about dietary habits and how they’ve had to let go of their favorite snacks and meals just so they could fit in at their local gym. 

Afraid that after hearing all these discussions, you’re no longer going to feel motivated enough to step near even the threshold of your neighboring gym? Fearing

you might not be able to stick to these gnarly stickler rules and guidelines and give up before even reaching your desired goal? 

Worry not, because we’ve put together a simplistic guide with decent pointers that could be considered as the ONLY essential factors you need to keep in mind before signing up for your gym membership. Let’s take it step-by-step, so you can meet your goals and efficiently enjoy a fruitful workout! 

Devise a Plan to Stick Around 

It’s going to be useless if you’ve just felt envious of your friend’s fit body and decided to try gymming just for the sake of a somewhat quicker and easier regimen to get you in shape too. That’s not how working out works! It’s preferred to write down a clearcut set of goals, reasons - better if these are personalized - for you to start your gym journey. List down why you wish to begin, where you wish to train, who you’d like to accompany you, what your ideal, realistic goal looks like, and visualize a better strategic plan in your head. If it helps, note this stuff down!

Stay Proud and Stay Strong 

If you’re not viewing your body positively, constantly shaming yourself for that little extra weight you put on over the holidays or eyeing everyone else’s figures, you won’t progress any further. Hold your head high, be proud that you’ve decided to make a change and that’s a big start! It’s important to stay consistent and determined. No matter how long or how much effort you need to put in, stay focused, and reap the best results. Don’t ever shy away just because you feel the routine or equipment will drain you out. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! 

Have a Group of Motivators

Most people find it difficult to last in this journey alone. If there was a motivational factor behind you joining, it’s best to keep that person informed about your plans, goals, and schedule so they can keep encouraging you and maybe even drop by, if feasible, to check out your progress. It’s cathartic to know you’ve got a support system in place. This way, you’ll always have someone to help keep you hustling and know when you can take a step back, relax, rejuvenate and rise back up with a pat on your back! 

Your personal choices matter

It’s foolish to google the 5 most trending workout regimens and follow them step-by-step, however excruciatingly painful they may seem. Not everyone’s body type is designed to gain the portrayed benefits from the same workout routine. You could always browse first, just like you do when shopping. Make your preferred choice from a whole list of options and start small. Chances are, you’re more likely to stick to sessions you enjoy as compared to those you blindly picked up from recommendations in the air. 

Give yourself room to Detox

Overworking yourself won’t do anyone any good. Constantly strenuous exercise could lead to internally damaging your system and organs in the long run. Your body is the only thing you’ve got primarily going for you, and exerting yourself at the gym trying crazy, rough techniques could unintentionally abuse it. Take occasional breaks, catch up on family time, take a short breather, detox at all times. The moment you find it difficult to breathe, it’s okay to step away, wipe all your sweat, and cool off. The gym’s not running anyway! 

Have frequent Warm-Up sessions

Often, people start right away, as soon as they step into the gym. And if you think that’s them being motivated and passionate and that’s okay, you’re mistaken. Not only does that indicate bad gym etiquette, but it’s also frowned upon by world-class trainers across the globe. A small warming-up session is a must, throwing in a few dynamic stretching activities. Beginners need rest and time-outs and that’s the norm. Play by it for better results. 

Got queries? Ask away!

It’s always the case that some amount of your investments and salary is going to paying for that classy gym membership. Getting all your doubts and queries clarified is the best way to get your money’s worth. There are gym trainers for a reason. If you ever have questions regarding workout forms, equipment, schedules, no matter how dumb they sound in your head, it’s best to consult an admin person or your trainer regarding the same. Better to be informed than sorry! 

Carry your Gym Essentials daily

You must be familiar that every gym-goer has a large bag that they carry on their shoulders with all their essential items. This is important before visiting the gym so that you’re well-prepared beforehand and don’t end up borrowing from others or causing unnecessary trouble. Usually, this bag could contain gym clothes, a reusable water bottle, sanitizer, dry cloths, shower gel/shampoo for when you rinse-up after your workout, sneakers (if you’re going to change into them), cleansing wipes, deodorant, microfiber towels, healthy snacks and maybe your headphones for a calm, personal workout! 

Workout Supplements - an Added-Plus! 

Now, if you feel going to the gym every scheduled day isn’t possible or you’re not seeing fruitful results even after working out for so long, you could try our premium workout supplements. These are organic, chemical-free, and bound to give you an extra push towards reaching your weight and body goals. Presenting to you: 

L-Carnitine tablets - your personalized Workout buddy, that keeps your body active, refreshed, and focused throughout the day!

So, don’t be afraid to start today, baby steps shall take you a long, beautiful and healthy way! Happy Gymming to all you beginners! 


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