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February 27 2021



Okay, picture this! 

You’re strategically maneuvering your phone, angling it in such a manner that your facial acne isn’t visible as you snap that feisty selfie-and prepare to surprise all your mates. But, you just can’t seem to snap that perfect angle. You keep trying your best, but the acne’s spread almost everywhere and there’s no smooth zone left. Do you panic? Do you simply switch off your front camera and take a picture of the room you’re in instead? Or, do you snap anyway and own your acne with pride? 

Well, the last option comes easy to only a few of us. It’s difficult to ignore those spots and scars when they’re hampering your previously clear face and coming in the way of your daily schedule, either in the form of pus-filled boils or annoying questions from people around you. 

You find yourself peeling off skin layers, rubbing balm or other non-prescribed medications, scratching at the surface of bursting those pus-filled monsters, only to notice them developing new ones and multiplying the next day. Do you feel you’ve exhausted all painful ways to try and rid yourself of this leech-like companion? Are

you looking for more effective and importantly, painless ways to reduce these acne marks? 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got some effective formulae to help reduce acne and maintain glowing, healthy skin using our organic supplements like: 

AlenGlow (premium L-Glutathione and 

Vitamin C skin support kit) 

AlenEve (cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil for 

glowing skin and anti-acne action) 

Biotin (the essential vitamin complex for skin health)

Apart from these, feel free to dive into this informative article on a list of trusted methods to painlessly decrease the amount of acne, boils, or lesions on your skin and improve your facial skin tone by drastic rates. These have been suggested quite often by dermatologists worldwide and have been reported to show actual improvements in clinical patients. 

- Papaya 

Often an ingredient included in many health and beauty products, papaya extract is known to have crucial natural remedying properties when tackling acne. It works towards eliminating excessive lipids and dead skin cells from the surface, leaving it smooth and grease-free. It contains an enzyme called papain that helps reduce pus formation and works as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

- Baking Soda

Nowadays, healthcare and beauty centers sell baking soda face masks. Mixing equal parts of water with baking soda works as a natural face mask when applied evenly over the acne-ridden surface. The soothing and anti-inflammatory action treats the scars of this agent, and it also functions as an exfoliant. 

- Tea Tree Oil

This miracle antiseptic has renowned antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties when discussing acne spot treatment. When new zits and spots appear, specialists often advise rubbing a mixture of tea tree oil in a bit of extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil. This works in drying out blackheads and whiteheads and reduces redness. 

- Fine-Grain Salt

Commonly called sea salt, it is usually lathered onto your palms, rubbed in circles, and then rubbed in smooth motions over your wet facial skin. It provides a deep cleanse, eliminating dead skin cells, giving balanced moisture, and destroying toxins stuck within your pores. However, avoid its abrasive action by not rubbing very harshly. 

- Apple Cider Vinegar 

This is prepared from the unfiltered apple juice extracted from pressed apples. It has strong antifungal and antibacterial actions and is also reported to reduce bacteria-causing acne from spreading. The succinic acid present within it helps prevent scarring and greatly works towards reducing inflammation and redness. Lactic acid also helps improvise the surface region of acne scars. 

- Witch Hazel

A shocking name, but this ingredient is derived from the North American shrubs and barks of Hamamelis virginiana commonly called the Witch Hazel shrub. Widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it’s not just used to treat skin acne but also to treat dandruff, eczema, swelling, itching, varicose veins, burns, etc. 

- Honey

The sweet-tasting heavenly product also works as a beauty essential when dealing with vibrant acne. A soothing remedy for irritating and leach-like scars, honey can be mixed with whole milk and applied as a rub, or it could be used as a paste along with aloe vera, a pinch of turmeric, and some chickpea flour for best results. Having a gentle exfoliating base like that works as an excellent inflammation reducer. 

- Green Tea

Famous for its antioxidants, flavonoids, and tannins, there’s more to this than just being a well-loved beverage. It has a soothing and redeeming action on acne scars, reducing acne-induced blood glucose levels too. When used topically, the EGCG in it works as a sebum-destroyer and stunts the growth of bacteria-induced acne. 

- Oatmeal

Not only a beloved breakfast meal, this serves as a helpful home remedy for acne treatment. The natural ingredients help in expelling inflammation-inducing cytokines, blotchiness, itchiness, and redness while balancing skin essential oils at the same time. It’s hence a commonly used major constituent of face masks today. 

- Lemon Juice

Though it can be harsh and work as an abrasive when used on fresh scars if used gently and in mild amounts on old spots and scars, lemon juice has phenomenal astringent, antibacterial, and exfoliating properties. It’s mainly known for unclogging pores, rejuvenating your skin’s surface, washing away dead skin cells, and drying out newly grown acne. 

Apart from these magical ingredients, there are a few more pointers that everyone suffering from irritable acne must keep in mind. 

- Never Pick your Pimples: Constantly scratching or rubbing around the region where your acne and pimples have appeared is a big no. No matter how tempting it may seem, picking at the acne’s lesions will only worsen the scar and prolong its healing period.

- Avoid High Sugar Diets: Overly indulging in excessive sugar causes an imbalance in body insulin levels, which may lead to more acne on your skin. Some foods contributing to a high glycaemic index include white bread, donuts, pastries, candies, etc. 

- Keep Your Stress in Check: Worrying, overthinking, holding grudges, having angry and dark thoughts - all of these contribute to increased acne and

facial breakouts. It’s important to monitor your mental and physical well-being as acne is a common symptom of plenty of disorders. 

- Regularly Wash Your Face: This goes without saying, regardless of the season we’re in. Your face is a breeding ground for all varieties of bacteria that lead to pus-filled boils or acne or red pimples. Hence, hydrating your skin helps.

- Go for Mild Makeup products: Instead of using oil-based products, it’s advisable to choose mineral-based ones, as the former contribute to more acne. Using heavy makeup to hide away blemishes only works towards increasing their intensity.

- Seek Medical Help when Needed: As mentioned before, this article may allow some to find instant relief, however, others may require a more strenuous or accurate way to treat actual skin conditions. If you’re already seeking medical attention for your acne treatment, it’s strongly advised to stick to prescribed ways and not deviate. 

Always remember that Beauty doesn’t lie in the face, but the light within your Heart! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *



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