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February 06 2021



In this article, you will learn about sea buckthorn oil as well as the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for your skin.

Sea buckthorn oil is an extremely nutrient. Dense, powerful and packed with antioxidants sea buckthorn oil comes from the sea buckthorn shrub. It grows in mountainous areas in Asia and parts of Europe as well and has been used medicinally by all kinds of ancient cultures. The Greeks, Tibetans and the Chinese used it. It was also used in ayurvedic medicine which is ancient Indian medicine. So one can say that it's powerful properties have been known for a really long time.
An amazing skin regenerator because of its speeding up turnover of cells and quality of cells. While it improves skin elasticity, it has also been used a lot for healing damaged skin, like for example if you've burnt your skin, by applying sea buckthorn oil you can reduce the amount of scars and cause healing to happen much faster. The same applies for any cuts or any damages on skin. If you want to avoid scars sea buckthorn oil is one of the oils you should apply on your skin.
So sea buckthorn oil has twelve times the vitamin c compared to oranges. It has three times more vitamin A than carrots and consist of just as much vitamin E as wheat germ oil. Wheat germ oil is often used medicinally by herbalists when they're making all kinds of topical mixtures. Moreover, they use essential oils as well as carrier oils. A lot of the times they'll use wheat germ oil because of its vitamin E content so knowing that sea buckthorn oil has just as much vitamin E as wheat germ is actually pretty powerful. It's the only plant source that has omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, so it has tons of healthy fatty acids that will nourish your skin and because it is high in all of these vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E it's highly effective and powerful for anti-aging for your skin.

  • Vitamin A makes your skin glow it also makes your skin soft and supple

  • Vitamin E helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It protects your skin against UV ray damage from the Sun and is also responsible for making your skin elastic. Therefore, it's very important for your skin to look young and one must have a sufficient amount of vitamin E.

  • Vitamin C helps to support the production of collagen in your skin. And everybody knows that if one lacks collagen that's when they start getting fine lines, wrinkles sagging

Consequently, sea buckthorn oil is high in all of these vitamins that are extremely important for skin health and for helping your skin look young. Additionally, it acts as powerful anti-inflammatory that helps subside the inflammation and swelling of the skin.
Thus, due to all of these properties it's extremely good for the regeneration of your skin as it helps your skin get rid of dead skin cells faster and grow new skin cells quickly. This way one can continue to always look young and full of life. 

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