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April 14 2021



Are you sensing uncontrollable addition of fats even after your routine workout? Or is it possible you aren’t able to put in the required hours of exercising and are now putting on unnecessary weight? Looking forward to attending the next big event without worrying whether you’ll fit into your outfits? 

Let’s take a moment to tell you a tale about this one particularly healthy fat substituent that actually, remarkably enables your body to lose unwanted fats. You read it right! At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got the perfect fat-burning supplement for you - CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - the perfect stimulant weight management nourishment for you! 

It’s time to shed away your dietary concerns, you don’t need to deprive yourself of eating those choices, snacks you really craved for, or skipping out one or two sessions of going to the gym. We’ve got a perfect additive to your everyday meals that has been known since ages for its fat-burning abilities and through this article, we assure you’re going to learn about just that! 

This polyunsaturated fatty acid is typically segmented into about 28 varied kinds of fatty acids and have a reputation of aiding in weight loss in humans. Rich in omega-6,

CLA is actually the product of the digestive process of animals produced by the microbes in the rumen/gut. It’s absolutely essential that your body consists of omega-6 content as it supports the optimal growth and development of most of your bodily organs and smooth functioning of vital processes. This fatty acid devises a method of losing weight seamlessly without compromising on your lean muscle mass. It’s a renowned supplement throughout the weight management and body-building community as its effects have been experienced first-hand by multitudes of them. 

Another advantage of consuming CLA involves its sheer resemblance to functioning similar to omega-3 fatty acids, thereby indicating how potentially capable it is of having anti-inflammatory actions. Even if you’re in your top-notch phase of health, CLA supplements are advised for maintaining this fit embodiment. 

Now don’t just limit yourself to thinking this is only a fat-burner, it does have plenty other benefits as well. Let’s break them down for you (just like your fats shall be broken down upon its intake!):

Weight Management aid 

CLA has established its mighty role in revitalizing the body’s overall composition which in turn plays a key role in weight management. Multiple clinical studies have claimed how CLA helps reduce the following: 

- Body weight (the total amount you weigh) 

- BMI (your Body Mass Index, which is your weight in Kg divided by the square of your height in meters. A higher value indicates increased body fatness) - Total Fat Mass (On one hand we have BMI that measures your total weight relative to height, Fat Mass Index only considers the fat portion of your total body weight) 

- Fat Percentage (This is your total fat mass divided by your body’s total mass) 

When talking about body fat, there could be two distinct types - we have Essential body fat and Storage body fat. The former is considered to be vital as it plays roles in the overall developmental and reproductive functions of your body’s system. The latter is basically the fat added on thanks to dietary habits or lack of exercise. And it’s this storage body fat that we aim to reduce or maintain at the least so as to have a fruitful, healthy lifestyle and stay fit, both immune-wise and metabolism-wise. 

There are certain mechanisms that CLA follows to inhibit fat accumulation. There are a bunch of receptors in your body called PPAR-gamma receptors that CLA will interact

with, thereby stopping fat storage and fat cell production at a faster rate. A high range of boost is calculated in energy expenditure, this permits you to get rid of a higher amount of calories as you workout and then proceed through your daily schedule. For those under strict diet regimes, CLA also forms a perfect addition to your routine as it highly improves satiety. That means eating less and sufficient amounts of food will make you feel satisfied, enabling you to gain the complete benefits of your low-calorie diet and preventing temptations of binge-eating. 


A natural method of strengthening your immune system is the intake of CLA that guarantees protection from frequently pestering diseases like common cold or flu-like symptoms, keeping you stronger from within. The body becomes easily capable of fighting off easily prone-to infections via the proven anti-inflammatory properties of this nutraceutical component. Imagine falling ill only to skip on weeks worth of quality productivity at work or progress at the gym? That’s a major loss for fitness-conscious individuals and hence, the intake of CLA is advisory to those who fear this. Reduce your chances of falling prey to sicknesses with a simple addition of our CLA supplements to your diet.

Stronger bones 

Bone mass is basically a measurement of the amount of vitamins and minerals present within a certain volume of your bony structures. CLA has been determined via a few clinical studies to greatly improve the body’s bone mass by reducing the accumulation of fatty deposits in the bone marrow that could be considered foreign to the body, possibly toxic in the long run. It’s common knowledge that gym-goers frequently worry about their muscle mass and often tend to ignore their bone mass. Healthy bones with rigid integrity and sturdiness actually helps prevent severe injuries from falls and greatly reduces your risk of getting fractured. CLA is known to improve the body’s ability to generate more calcium. It also prevents bones from breaking down that is caused by cells called osteoclasts.

Heart Health 

When combined with antihypertensive drugs, CLA has been shown via some scientific studies to help reduce blood pressure in a controlled trial. Studies also found evidence of CLA assisting with increasing the amount of healthy cholesterol (HDL) in a batch of healthy women candidates. This HDL in turn is known for its maintenance of healthy heart health by promoting lowered cholesterol levels. These abilities of CLA would also make it an excellent therapeutic strategy for atherosclerosis patients as it could prevent accumulation of fatty plaque within the blood vessels, thereby letting smooth circulation take place. So, the liver is able to metabolize fat in an efficient way. In the long term, after further research is conducted, there could be potential for its use in management of heart strokes, heart attacks and related heart disorders. 

Besides these, CLA has also shown to be beneficial to diabetic patients, it reduces risks of type-2 diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels. It reduces unwanted multiplication of tissues. Other possible varied benefits include prevention of osteoporosis, relief from asthma, combating food-associated allergic reactions, etc.

As we’ve pretty much established, CLA presents immense ways to successfully reboot your previously lethargic way of living into an active, fit, and healthy one, enabling you to control your weight and burn off those unnecessary fats! Embrace this hassle-free solution by Alvizia Healthcare, by investing in our unique CLA formula to enrich your way of living, today! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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