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April 17 2021



Native to Central Asia and Europe, Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) (also called seaberry/sandthorn) is an oil-based, thorny, and berry-filled bushy plant specifically known for its rich flavor in products like jams, liquors, additives for creams and also, provides distinct health benefits when included as a part of your dietary routines. Its fleshy parts undergo further processing, however, the oily compounds are evidently known to work as a wonderful therapeutic for a wide range of diseases. 

Alvizia Healthcare has devised a blossoming formula to help you derive the massive healing aspects of this unique plant, and it’s called Buckthrol - the magic of teeny-tiny orange berries wrapped into a couple of soft gelatin capsules for prolonged benefits!

Here’s why you should invest in the sheer goodness of this product: - Immunity building properties The complex nature of the merger of a handful of vital ingredients in Sea Buckthorn is what contributes to making it a natural immune-boosting agent. These includemantioxidants, fatty acids, and a range of biologically active substances, all working towards nourishing and strengthening your lymphatic system. Flavonoids like flavones, flavanols, catechins, and aglycones have antioxidant actions that help relieve your body from daily stress-inducing events, neutralizing free radicals (radical-scavengers), reducing inflammation, and promoting the effects of vitamin A in your system. This automatically prevents you from easily catching the flu. Cellular damage within the body is prevented thanks to Superoxide dismutase that works on tackling those free radical oxygen molecules. 

Protection from Harmful Sunrays 

Increased exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun could potentially weaken and eventually damage your skin, affecting the tone. Sea Buckthorn also has wound-healing properties that help reduce skin irritation. Containing high amounts of palmitoleic acid, vitamin E, and linolenic acid, it has skin-nurturing and skin-repairing actions. It indirectly plays the role of a vegetable-based sunscreen. Sea Buckthorn also has water-attracting abilities, thereby lubricating your skin, keeping you away from premature aging. Lastly, the carotenoids responsible for giving this plant its orange color also plays a role in providing protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Lowering the risks of Cardiovascular diseases 

The large amounts of fibrous and polyphenolic content in Sea Buckthorn has heart-strengthening effects, assisting with lowering blood fat levels after consuming a meal. This mainly helped reduce VLDL and triglyceride levels in the blood, as per studies. Similarly, its antioxidant properties help with making you less prone to contracting heart diseases. It also shows evidence of preventing platelets from clumping together, thereby eliminating blood clot formation. 

Liver protective action 

By conducting research over blood levels of type II and III collagen, laminin, total bile acids, and hyaluronic acid, tissue scar reduction has been observed along with the improvisation of liver functioning. Even the severity of liver cirrhosis in patients was found to be drastically reduced after treatment with Sea Buckthorn. Other notable actions included reducing the build-up of liver toxins, and inflammation. 

Psychological effects 

After constant therapy sessions, a batch of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was found to experience improved word recall, oxidative and inflammatory markers, mood, and attention span. Scopolamine-induced brain destruction was found to be reversed and the brain received protection against oxidative damage. 

Lessening Dry-eye symptoms

When the particle concentrations in the tear film of the eye rise more than the specified range, upon consuming Sea Buckthorn, these levels were found to reduce to a significant extent. Such symptoms are usually incurred during cool weather seasons. Positive effects were also observed in eyelid gland development, stress-induced dry eyes, and inflammation. 

Besides these listed benefits, praise has been received in areas like Diabetology, Gastrointestinal disorders, Vaginal and Reproductive arenas, Urinary problems, etc. 

So, make the right choice for your body and contribute towards its well-being with Alvizia Healthcare’s Buckthrol - the Superfood solution to all your dilemmas! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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