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January 29 2021

Milk thistle, silymarine, Milk thistle at Amazon, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis treat liver, softgel, capsules,

Milk thistle, silymarine, Milk thistle at Amazon, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis treat liver, softgel, capsules,

Now the herb milk thistle taken as a supplement is shown to support liver function in some very important ways. Ways that even drugs they have not been able to provide.

The milk thistle herb contains a very unique flavonoid called: Silymarin.

Silymarin has been shown in studies to do the following it helps repair some forms of liver damage. If the liver cells have been damaged by drugs or environmental exposures, even alcohol and the damage is not yet permanent, then silymarin can sometimes help the liver cells repair themselves so the liver function is reverted back to a more normalized state. That's an incredible thing because there are drugs that can't do that, along with exercise that can't do it and other supplements that can't do that.

Silymarin has also been shown to protect the liver cells against damage from certain drugs and alcohol and environmental toxins. So taken as a preventative measure it seems to make sense, especially in the toxic world that we live in.

And really importantly silymarin supplementation boosts the liver concentrations of glutathione, which is a very important liver antioxidant but it also is involved in phase 2 detoxification of many compounds. So, for instance, the leading drug-induced cause of liver failure is acetaminophen for pain control and to reduce fever and the way that acetaminophen damages the liver is that first in phase one detoxification enzymes interact with it and convert it into a very damaging free radical intermediate. What's supposed to happen next is Phase two enzymes are supposed to attach glutathione to that intermediate to quench it neutralize it so the body can excrete it safely but if you run out of glutathione in the liver because you're forming so many of this, the acetaminophen intermediates if a person's using it regularly ,you deplete your glutathione stores it gets used up and then you have all these free radicals damaging the liver and the kidneys by the way. And so by taking silymarin as a supplement you maintain optimal levels of glutathione to quench intermediates that the liver is producing through the phase 1 pathway. So it's just one of those standout features. You can check out Alvizia's Milk Thistle Supplement comprising of 80% silymarin.

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It is also found that milk thistle and silymarin in recent experimental studies, inhibit certain aspects of cancer development as well.

Does that translate into human research?

We don't know yet but it is suspected that it may be important. The truth is that we live in such a toxic world today that taking milk thistle at the right dose to support liver function and detoxification is an important consideration, especially when you view the fact that after age 45 or 50, your detoxification systems in the liver are becoming more sluggish to begin with and so are more cancer-causing agents escape detoxification and can cause DNA damage leading to cancerous mutations. And people think that's one of the major reasons that after the age of 50 cancer rates start to escalate.


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