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March 12 2021



With the right amount of efforts and proper exercises it won’t be that difficult to get in shape for anybody. Few exercises may also require a lot of equipment to get in shape but we are here to discuss the easiest of them all. By practising these few exercises regularly and with the appropriate technique you can master them easily.

These exercises are designed keeping in mind the full body workout including your arms, thighs and most importantly your tummy area which tends to store a lot of fat and become bulky. Fat surrounding the stomach area is a major concern for many people and reducing it is also a task as the fat in this area is usually very stubborn. Firstly you will have to avoid all those foods that can be deposited in the form of fats surrounding the belly and proper exercising of the core is a must as you have probably understood till now. 

Moving on, one thing should be kept in mind that the process of weight loss can be slow and gradual depending upon your body weight and body shape so hurrying up with this nature process isn’t recommended at all. As you yourself are adapting to a new process and new way of living physically and mentally your body as well needs time but being consistent and determinant is the only way. 

Stressing about your weight loss is another such thing that should be avoided, as it would not do any good to you. 

Taking some steroids and other such substances should also be prohibited as they cause severe damage to your health. You should definitely go for the healthier versions that is green tea, green coffee, detox drinks, etc. You can checkout Alvizia Healthcare’s weight management range and include it in your diet. The Alvizia’s supplements are very natural and highly recommended by professionals as well. So do checkout their green coffee beans and  Linoleum tablets which are very good for daily consumption.


So coming back to the topic, there are no shortcuts to success so all the hard work has to be done by you and only you,  so without wasting a single minute just pull up your socks and get started.

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks is the commonest exercise that is recommended for weight loss. Just standing in an upright position and jumping on the spot with legs moving in and out in sync with the movement of the arms with every jump is said to burn much calories. So begin with this exercise for about 50 times. 

Mountain Climbers: This one is most important for strengthening your core muscles. Laying on your front in a plank position then bending your legs inwards one by one assuming that you are actually climbing up a mountain is the proper way of doing it . If you can do it faster then that is the best option but you can also go for the low intensity version and take your own time to adapt to this exercise. 

Scissor planks : This exercise is a slight modification to the normal regular plank just to make the regular thing more energetic and fat burning. It is just the laying down version of the jumping jack without the hand movement because your hands would be busy supporting your body. To do scissor planks, just move your feet outside and inside with a little jump making your core tight and laying maximum stress on it. If you are not comfortable with the jumping part can you can avoid it as well and can do the exercise simply by moving in and moving out. 

High Knee Running On the Spot: This is a good exercise to reap the benefits of a treadmill. In this Do it with maximum intensity for about a minute and burn the maximum calories that you can. It is a very simple exercise to follow yet very effective. You just need to run on the spot with the maximum knee movement. The higher you get your knees, the higher goes your energy level. 

To make this exercise more interesting and more effective you can do another round of it with punching movements as well. The punches should go in sync with the movement of your legs.

Squats: Squats is another such exercise that will help you lose weight specially from your thigh area. One thing that should be kept in mind while practising squats is that do not push your body outside i.e. your knees should bend but the bended knees should not protrude out more than your feet. The bending of the knees should be just above the feet. To control this movement of moving out try to push your body inside instead of pushing it out. This is the best way of doing squats and is also recommended to maximise its benefits. 

Another category of the squats is called the sumo squats and the hacker knee squats. In this squat a slight variation is added to the usual practise by standing in the position of a sumo wrestler with feet wide apart and then doing your squats. In hacker knee squats you do a squat followed by an upward knee movement touching your alternate hand. It is a little difficult to practise but is highly effective.

Nutcracker: In this exercise you lift your hands and legs and bring them closer twisting through your gluts and the abdominal muscles. This is a very beneficial exercise for your abs muscles.

So these were some of the super six exercises that you should practise on a daily basis to attain the best results. These exercises increase your heartbeat and blood flow making your body burn maximum fat. These exercises help in toning and shaping your body and also make your skin glow naturally. When the excess oils and dirt is secreted out of your skin it makes the skin looking healthy and fresh. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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