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March 22 2021



Remember The power to be happy lies within you. 

Since you get to choose what to accept and what to let go of. It’s as simple as that! 

If you think it’s scientifically impossible to modify yourself into alleviating a bad mood, you’re highly mistaken. Life’s filled with obstacles at every stage, at every turn. And as humans, it’s only normal to feel upset when you miss a deadline, or grieve at the loss of a loved one, or feel terrible when you get stood up on a date, or feel anger towards your child when they fail to listen to you. The reasons, as you’ll see, are abundant. However, a pinch of Science and a shimmer of magical advice can be a great step to start feeling more of the happy thoughts!

Here, we’ve accumulated a bunch of actions to undertake when you’re feeling especially low or the blues are hitting you real hard. Just take notes and don’t forget to follow these the next time you’re hit with a cloud of unhappy feelings. 

Embrace the term ‘Eudaimonic’ 

This signifies indulging in activities and experiences that provide you with a sense of meaning and force you to strive to be a better version of the ‘past you’. You could take this as a method of self-improvement, a way to yield better results simply by inculcating fruitful habits. Examples could be taking a stroll around your neighborhood and greeting those people you used to avoid before, helping out an unsheltered animal in need, or simply switching to a productive channel that broadcasts informative documentaries instead of binge-watching those depressing shows all the time. 

Keep Active to Boost endorphins

You’ve probably heard the term ‘endorphins’ a couple of times. Well, they’re your ‘happy hormones, you get a bunch of them to float around your body and you’ll feel an instant mood boost, it’s scientifically proven. Now, it’s not too difficult to make this happen, just simply embracing an active lifestyle would do the trick. The moment you wish to get rid of your bad mood, maybe go for a jog, or bounce around a ball in the room or start pacing around and feel the adrenaline kicking in. The more you move, the more endorphins get released and these ‘happy warriors’ start lifting your mood like slow magic. 

Avoid Self-Deprecating behavior

Are you one of those people that blame themselves for all the terrible things happening to them in life, regardless of logically concluding? Well, you better stop right now, because blaming yourself sets the depression in and makes it hard to depart. Self-deprecating tendencies do no one any good, the mood’s going to remain bad and your situation won’t work out either. Instead of pointing fingers to yourself - a human being who undoubtedly makes mistakes and will continue to do so until you’re alive - try figuring out how to get out of the situation you’re facing or just divert your attention to better things if it’s not working out. 

Get adequate amounts of Sleep

Various research studies have indicated that the quality of sleep you get during the night is a major indicator for living a healthy life. Getting that amazing shut-eye does plenty good for your body, giving it the required rest, keeping you rejuvenated to face a brand, new day. Approximately 6-7 hours of sleep is considered to be the bare minimum to live a healthy life. So, the next time someone tells you that sleep is only for the weak, it’s best to banish that thought from settling at all. 

Count your blessings at all times

Life’s a unique journey and just as there have been obstacles and problems, there have also been sunshine and rainbows and successes which should be accounted for. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, why not take the time to appreciate and be grateful for how far you’ve come. You’ve withstood tremendous hard days to be able to rise above it all, and just like that, you’re going to surpass this bad mood as well. So, be thankful for the good, because that matters! 

Tune into Happiness

Researchers believe that listening to mellow or happy tunes works wonders for the brain cells, automatically functioning as a mood-boosting mechanism. Avoid too much sad, sappy music and instead, tune into some happy melodies to overturn your feelings. If you’re a party animal, maybe a zesty, fiery salsa piece could help you detox. Some people find joy simply in shutting themselves in a private space and grooving to their favorite tunes, so plug in your nirvana and enjoy yourself! 

Surround yourself with Comfort people

Keep people close, but keep those that have therapeutic effects on your mood even closer. In life, you’ll come across a bunch of friends or loved ones or strangers that make you feel a certain kind of pumped-up happiness just simply being around them. If you ever felt a dazzling smile attack your face just by the mere mention of a name, well then that’s your target person. It’s cathartic to spend time with people that make you happy, people that lift your spirits and encourage you along the way, always patting you on the shoulder and forcing you to move ahead. 

Nature could often be the best remedy

We’ve put together a list of calming, mood-alleviating techniques involving embracing nature that should top your list. Volunteering in nature, like taking your pet for a walk or going for a morning jog or participating in a society-friendly marathon, etc. Seeking sunshine at least once a day can be fruitful because our bodies are not made to sit indoors for the whole 24 hours. Try sniffing some lavender, freshly cut grass, or citrus because scientists have found them to be mood-lifting elements. Go green-watching and no, this is not related to bird-watching. Studies relate the color green to happiness, peace, calmness, and excitement, which are some pretty useful happy feelings for you to embrace when you’re low. 

Eat smartly, eat rightly

A sense of discomfort and irritability kicks in when your diet is unhealthy and calls for a lethargic sense of self. This is what you must avoid at all costs, and feeling sad aggravates your cravings, possibly leading you to indulge in harmful dietary habits. We suggest indulging in omega-3 rich foods like oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel, etc.); probiotics like yogurt, buttermilk, miso, kimchi; whole grains like millet, brown rice, oatmeal; a nutritious breakfast inclusive of citrus fruits, strawberries, nuts, apples; green leafy vegetables like spinach, okra, lentils, broccoli; high sources of vitamin D like eggs, cheese, soy milk, etc. 

Try Alvizia’s Seamless Solutions 

Our special mood-boosting products include a range of organic bliss that could instantly contribute to your healthy lifestyle and keep you away from the blues’ dangerous attack. You could invest in goodness like: 

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