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September 02 2021



The health altering benefits of including Soy isoflavones in the diet 

Soy isoflavones (ISF) are nutritional supplements that are derivatives of soy. Soy isoflavones effectively help in lowering the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. Consumption of soy is also known to minimize the painful symptoms of menopause. The other actions of soy isoflavones include minimizing and eliminating the risk factors that are associated with cardiac disorders such as high liver enzymes, elevated blood triglycerides levels, and lowering of the good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol along with an imbalance in the HDL/LDL ratio. Another significant activity of soy proteins is in regulating the metabolism of lipids. 

Benefits of Soy Isoflavones

  • They can be used as a Substitute for Meat Protein

    The presence of various essential amino acids in soy isoflavones makes it necessary for the body as it ensures healthy growth and development. The high-quality isoflavones derived from soy are similar to animal-sourced proteins. The only difference is that they have fewer amounts of fat and cholesterol. Hence soy isoflavones may be effectively used as a substitute for meat protein because they offer nutritional values similar to that of meat protein. 

    • Acts as an Energy Booster

      Similar to tofu and soy milk, soy isoflavones contain good amounts of amino acids that the body requires for converting various metabolites into energy. Also, soy isoflavones contain plenty of other essential nutrients such as vitamin D, which is necessary for the formation of healthy bones and the development of tissues. Alvizia one daily multivitamin supplements for women contains soy isoflavones which improve overall health. 

      • Improves Cognitive Function

        The natural aging process hurts mood and cognitive function. In women who have attained menopause, there is a decrease in estrogen levels in the body. This, in turn, may cause an imbalance in the mental health of the individual causing symptoms such as diminished cognitive functions, impaired memory, and delayed learning. Soy isoflavones may also help in delaying the onset of cognitive impairment and disease processes that affect mood and behavior.

        • Lowers Blood Cholesterol levels 

          Studies show that soy isoflavones may be beneficial in improving cholesterol levels, mainly the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. Patients with higher LDL cholesterol in the blood show more significant improvement when soy isoflavone is administered. Fibre is an essential component in soy isoflavone. Fibre also contributes to reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Soy supplements that have a high content of fibre are more effective in reducing LDL cholesterol. Soy isoflavones help in lowering only the excess amounts of bad cholesterol without affecting the healthy HDL cholesterol in the body. 

          • Improves Fertility in women 

            Soy isoflavones are known to improve fertility, mainly in women with infertility disorders. Studies have established that soy isoflavones may increase the rate of ovulation thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. In women taking regular soy supplements, the chances of implantation of the fetus in the uterine wall and continuation of the pregnancy are higher. Soy isoflavones are also beneficial as they help in protecting the cells from BPA which is a chemical in plastic and its harmful effects such as infertility in women. 

            • Helps in managing Menopause Symptoms

              Soy isoflavones contain good amounts of phytoestrogens. The mechanism of action of these compounds is similar to that of estrogen in the body. In women who have attained menopause, there is a decrease in estrogen levels. As soy is a good source of phytoestrogens, intake of soy either from food sources or in the form of supplements may help in minimizing the painful symptoms associated with menopause. 

              • Effective in Improving Bone Health

                The major role of Soy isoflavone in maintaining bone health is that it helps in minimizing bone loss in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Soy isoflavones effectively reduce inflammation, thereby providing symptomatic relief in osteoarthritis. Studies show that soy protein significantly reduces swelling and increases pain tolerance. Intake of soy protein in osteoarthritis patients also increases the range of motion. Regular consumption of soy isoflavones is effective in delaying the onset of age-related osteoporosis and osteopenia.

                • It has potent Antioxidant Properties

                  Soy isoflavones are crucial as they increase the number of antioxidants in the body. This in turn helps in reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress. It also eliminates the excess free radicals in the body which otherwise can lead to serious health disorders. The intake of soy products containing isoflavones provides the necessary antioxidants that can help in preventing oxidative damage in the body.

                  • Provides relief from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

                    Studies show that in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome, taking soy protein, isoflavones significantly reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as headache, breast tenderness, cramps, and swelling.

                    • Helps in the prevention of heart disease

                      Regular intake of Soy isoflavones can help in reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease because of their many beneficial properties. Soy isoflavones have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Soy isoflavones interact with estrogen receptors that are present in the circulation where they help in dilating the clogged coronary arteries. Soy isoflavones also help in significantly reducing arterial stiffness and lowering blood pressure. They are also effective in reducing blood stickiness thus preventing the formation of life-threatening blood clots. Studies show that increasing the dietary content of soy isoflavones is effective in preventing the onset of heart disease among high-risk and middle-aged men. 

                      • Improves memory

                        In individuals who consume a high soy diet show significant improvement in memory and thought processes. Soy isoflavones are effective in enhancing memory recall, increasing the chances of performing sustained attention tasks, learning rule reversals, and planning tasks. 

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