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March 12 2021



Outer radiance is equally important as is inner health. If you are fit and active from the outside then this should be reflected in your appearance as well. People are often charmed by the shine and lustre of someone’s skin and do want to have them. Some people confuse this as a natural gift, though genes play a significant role in such things it’s not only the genes. An adequate amount of care and conditioning is required for them as well. 


The outermost covering of your body that suns all over should be maintained with care. It’s not the colour or complexion that we are talking about or that’s all that matters but we are talking about maintaining the required ph level and prevent any kind of harm to it. Some may complain of having pimples, uneven skin, spots and pigmentation, well these are all the symptoms of some internal harm that your body is going through and of which you are completely unaware of. 

Things to remember

  • If you are having oily skin and are troubled with some regular acne and blackheads then try reduces the oil intake. Avoiding oily and fried food would help a lot in countering them. 
  • Cleanliness and hygiene play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Taking a bath regularly is the most basic hygienic value that we are taught in the very beginning but then also most of us tend to forget this or avoid regular bathing on grounds of laziness and other excuses. Washing the skin cleanses it and prevents any bacterial infection. It also makes you feel fresh and active throughout the day.
  • The skin in the intimate area should not be neglected at all. It is also a part of our body and should b taken care off. Use lotions and washes that are specially designed to maintain the required ph level. 
  • Facial skin is must more delicate and requires special attention. Deep cleaning is something that would help. It can be done by scrubbing the skin accompanied by taking long and nice steam. 
  • Using face serums can help a lot. Serums are rich in vitamin C that is very important for your skin. Application of a skin serum is mostly recommended by all the make artists and celebrities as well.
  • Proper removal of makeup is another big thing that counts. Makeup products contain some of the most harmful agents and putting them on your face for a long time can be harmful to your skin. The night is the time when you sleep and your body relaxes. This is also the time when your body does all the repairing work. So sleeping with your make on is not a good thing to do. 

Regular intakes for healthy skin

Water: Larger the water intake greater would be your skin’s shine and radiance. As water is the natural regular and makes your body free from all the toxins.

Nuts: Dry fruits like almonds, pistachio, etc should be included in your daily diet.

Vitamin E: Increase your vitamin E intake by eating fatty fishes (if you are non-vegetarian) as it is very good for your skin. Vitamin E capsules that are easily available in the market can also be used as a moisturizer and can be applied directly on the skin or mixed with some other moisturizer.

Carrots and Tomatoes:  These are some of the foods that are good for the skin. It is recommended to include them in your daily food intake.

Avocados: Rich in vitamin C avocados can improve your skin’s health drastically. Avocados initiate the production of collagen in the skin that is needed to maintain its natural structure.

Sweet potatoes: It is usually seen during the winters that the skin gets rough and tightened. Consumption of oily food and a natural decrease in the metabolism rate also affects your skin. If you are eating unhealthy and not exercising then this would surely affect. In such times sweet potatoes are something that comes to your rescue. Sweet potatoes are a winter fruit can could be consumed regularly would any side effects. Boiled sweet potatoes can be consumed raw or with milk. You can also roast them to give them an extra smoky touch and taste. 

Broccoli: Loaded with Vitamin A and C, broccoli is also rich in zinc content. 

Supplements: Health supplements that are designed for healthy skin can be consumed. Alvizia is one such brand that takes care of all your requirements. Try its skin supplement range by clicking on the link mentioned to get good looking skin.

Skin related diseases

Eczema: This is the most common type of itching disorder that can occur. Development of rashes and inflammation of the skin is its onset symptoms. Eczema is also of many types. Few of them are mentioned below:

Atopic Dermatitis: This is a disease that occurs in early childhood. Genes, dryness of the skin and weak immune system can be some of the causes. 

Contact Dermatitis: If you come in contact with something that you have an allergy from then you are most likely to have it. If you start to feel some itching and rashes on the skin all of a sudden then get yourself tested immediately. 

Dyshidrotic Eczema: In such a disease blisters develop in between your fingers of your hands and feet. Seasonal changes can be one of the causes of this disease. Women catch this skin disease more easily than men.

Ichthyosis: Sometimes you experience dryness of your skin but excessive of such dryness that is persistent for a long time is very wrong. Don’t mistake it for the normal seasonal winter dryness. It could be something very serious like Ichthyosis. It is a development of dry patches or the overall dryness of the skin. The remedy of these diseases can be suggested by doctors by prescribing some lotion or gels. Inheritance of some genes can cause the occurrence of these diseases. 

Hives: This is another skin related disorder in which rashes and redness of the skin are common.

These were all the essential points to remember when it comes to your skincare routine. Keep in mind all of these easy to follow the advice and see the difference for yourself.

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