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February 20 2021



Abundantly found in the supplement form, l-carnitine is a vital amino acid that helps in boosting your metabolism and has been used as a prime aid for losing body weight. Besides, it has also been proven to treat other health disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, alcohol and drug addiction, diabetes, in the reduction of accumulation of metabolic wastes in the body and is an essential supplement for improving athletic performance. L-carnitine is present naturally in beef, pork, fish, chicken and milk, henceforth its levels are lower in case of vegetarians since they do not consume meat or animal-based dairy products. It is easily absorbed in the body and is stored in the muscle cells and a small amount in the blood and liver as well. Moreover, with age l-carnitine levels are shown to decrease in your body especially for patients suffering from kidney diseases, genetic disorders or cirrhosis. It has also proven to be beneficial for women with PCOS, in increasing ovulation thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant. 

A detailed answer to why you should take l-carnitine supplements are explained below:

 Below given are some of the other important health benefits of this supplement:

For enhancing performance in bodybuilders and athletes

People will go to any extent for shredding fat and losing weight. Be it cardio, extensive workout or a  proper diet plan. But what if we say that there is a miracle or supplement pill that has been clinically proven to burn your fat tissues into usable energy? L- carnitine is the miracle supplement in this process. 

Intensive exercise and weight-lifting decreases the overall carnitine level of the body, to prevent this, l-carnitine supplements helps in providing consistent athletic performance, increases endurance, provides fast muscle recovery and reduces the lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Also, it helps in increasing the overall stamina, energy levels, resilience and decreases post-workout muscle soreness. L-carnitine increases the manufacture of red blood cells in the body thus helps in transporting oxygen throughout the body.  Moreover, it helps in reducing physical and mental fatigue, weakness and thus helps in providing better performance. It has also been said to be a healthy post-workout supplement since it helps in the conversion of fat to energy in the muscles thus aids in weight loss. Studies done on individuals have shown that taking l-carnitine supplements promotes weight loss in obese people. 

Improves brain function and cognitive senses: Researches have shown that taking l-carnitine helps in improving cognitive functions, treat age-related mental disorders, reversing the decline of brain functions and other serious brain disorders and also for patients suffering from clinical Alzheimer’s and autism. Besides, it also prevents the brain against cell damage. Thus, l-carnitine has many beneficial effects in improving brain function under various diseases. 

Preventing type 2 diabetes and blood sugar

L-carnitine helps in reducing the symptoms of people suffering from type 2 diabetes and the risk factors associated with it. As compared to placebo, results have shown that carnitine supplements has proven to reduce blood sugar levels and reduces the lipid accumulation in muscle cells and also improved the overall glucose tolerance in the body. 

Helps in fighting severe Kidney or liver disease: People undergoing renal diseases have low l-carnitine levels. According to the US FDA, taking carnitine supplements can help in maintaining the normal levels and prevent its deficiency in the patients. It also helps in preventing anemia and swelling or inflammation in patients with this condition. People who might have ingested increased levels of valproic acid might also get help from this supplement thus reducing the chances of severe liver toxicity.

Helps in reducing overall Cardiovascular diseases

Consuming l-carnitine intravenously or orally have proven to improve symptoms related to heart failure and congestive heart failure; it also helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Besides, it helps with improving exercise tolerance, improving exercise ability, blocked arteries, a rapid increase of heartbeat etc. Some researches have shown that it has proven to be helpful for people having weakness caused by elevated thyroid levels. Death caused by myocarditis or swelling of the heart is reduced considerably. 

Fighting skin diseases like acne etc.

Clinical studies have shown that applying l-carnitine products on the face twice a day for two months have shown a reduction in acne and helps in improving the skin texture. Applying carnitine solution externally helps individuals who are suffering from hair loss and male pattern baldness or alopecia. It has also said to slow down the ageing process or cellular ageing. 

When should you take it? 

The recommended dosage of l-carnitine is said to be 2 tablets daily. According to researches consuming 2 grams of dosage or less is said to be comparatively safe and has shown no considerable side effects. For a number of individuals who took 3 gram of l-carnitine for 21 days had also shown to provide no side effects. Anything above than that has shown to provide mild and minor side effects like nausea and minor stomach discomforts. Moreover, l-carnitine is absorbed easily in the body, so it has been recommended to take in the morning or before doing workouts; best results have been obtained when taken with sufficient carbohydrate because in order to be absorbed by the muscle cells sufficient insulin levels should be there in the bloodstream, thus carbohydrate is necessary. It can also be combined with caffeine, green tea or other pre-workout supplements. However, l-carnitine supplements are totally stimulant-free and have no adulterants mixed with it, it does not contain caffeine which is found in most supplements and energy drinks or workout shakes. Finally, you can take a post-workout supplement without having the worry of being awake the entire night! 

Add L-carnitine to your diet today!

L-carnitine comes with multivarious benefits and when combined with your workout diet supplement, it will definitely make your workout regimes easier. 

Try our Alvizia l-carnitine today which is one of the best and most promising carnitine supplements in the market and notice all the benefits your life will bring. 


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