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April 13 2021



‘Z to the M to the A’ - say it along with us! 

Here at Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve accomplished a great feat by capturing the true essence of an all-around organic product that will make sure your gains are mighty, your body is rockin’ good, and you’re living the peak life! 

But first, let’s talk about a crucial part of your diet - Micronutrients. What are these and why must you be aware of them? You may have come across athletes or gym-goers talking about consuming the right amount of macronutrients, well, these are your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and they’re widely available during the process of your calorie intake. But another aspect of delivering optimal development to your body and ensuring your body meets its timely goals is the intake of micronutrients - aka minerals and vitamins. These are required in much smaller quantities as compared to their macro peers but are increasingly involved in contributing to the well-being of your system. Their major roles include providing vitality, stimulating energy release, and strengthening your immunity i.e. preventing you from falling easy prey to sicknesses. 

The perfect package of micronutrients wrapped into one essential product is what we, at Alvizia Healthcare deliver to you. Presenting the nutraceutical product ZMA - Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6 supplements.

Research indicates that athletes and sports enthusiasts who workout regularly tend to have lower levels of zinc and magnesium in their system, which is why ZMA is usually recommended as a training supplement to aid their needs. This is why the Sports Nutrition world witnesses a perfect blend of these ingredients in its routine package. 

So what exactly do these micronutrients have in store for you? 


This is a crucial trace element that plays an important role in the conduction of a variety of bodily processes via enzymes. It’s famous for its functions like the synthesis of proteins, cell replication process, cell growth, wound healing properties that take place alongside macronutrients like carbs and fats. Lower levels of Zinc would eventually lower testosterone levels in athletes and also, a growth factor called IGF-1 which is similar to insulin. This severe deficiency could tamper with metabolic processes and affect the player’s overall strength. For accurate maintenance of immunity, hormones, digestion, and varied foundational functions of your body, it’s necessary to supplement this constituent. 


Widely recognized as the building component for bones and teeth, this micronutrient aids with hundreds of chemical reactions taking place within your system. It enables the accurate functioning of muscles and nerves, regulates pressure, helps transform macronutrients, too. A sheer lack of magnesium is a recipe for cramps, muscle pain, weakness, lethargic feelings, numbness, and tingling sensations. Hence, we must supplement some of its commonly used forms like magnesium malate, citrate, chelate, or oxide in our diet. 

Vitamin B6 

Some of its major roles include neurotransmission and metabolism of nutrients. This water-soluble vitamin is also called pyridoxine and is not stored originally in the body, which is why its supplementation is key. Its effects are observed in anaemia, kidney malfunctions, nervous disorders, heart diseases, blood pressure regulation, etc. For those experiencing numbness in their limbs or excessive hair loss, this vitamin could work wonders in alleviating the same. 

Now you must be wondering what the ‘A’ stands for? Well, it’s Aspartate - the zinc in ZMA gets bound with aspartic acid to produce zinc aspartate, which enables the smooth and seamless absorption of minerals. In this manner, vitamin B6 also assists with the uptake of magnesium. What better way to support and nourish your body than supplementing it with the most deficient micronutrients and treating it to glory?! 

Now, let’s discuss the immense benefits of consuming these naturally occurring micronutrients and what positive effects that could produce in your system: 

Strong Muscles

A bunch of research papers has validated that ZMA helps boost muscle strength mainly due to zinc aiding with the synthesis of proteins. Along with it, this process is assisted thanks to vitamin B6 that works on the metabolism of proteins. This suggests that when used optimally, these two micronutrients could drastically improve the integrity and sturdiness of your muscles, enabling you to perform vigorous exercises with ease and increase your daily vigor too. With strength comes increased stamina, which could peak your ritual performance to the next level. Research also supports that consuming ZMA increases your recovery abilities when you’re injured. So, regardless of the type of workout regime you follow, your gains are sure to accompany your routine with some quality ZMA in your diet. 

Immune Health

Studies have depicted how a ZMA-influenced diet could help enhance your hormonal profile, instigate the production of newer cells and enzymes after typical cell rupture, increase the processing of usual macronutrients, improve hemoglobin formation that basically helps supply oxygen through blood - and all this in turn, drastically strengthens your immune system. It is a greatly known fact that zinc deficiencies lead to a greater probability of contracting a common cold or flu-like symptoms as your immunity gets gradually weakened. This eventually causes muscle wasting and a decreased appetite. To stay less vulnerable to infections and illnesses, supplementing ZMA would help tons! 

Promotes Good Sleep

For faster recovery rates and increased workout gains, it’s absolutely important you sleep well at nights, putting in the required amounts of shut-eye to help keep you energized throughout the day. ZMA assists with lowering your cortisol levels, which is a component, that in excess, can lead to severe deteriorations in athletes’ bodies like muscle wasting, hormonal imbalance, etc. that in turn hampers your sleep schedule. Another benefit is how ZMA aids with regulating testosterone levels which will eventually help during high training periods and stressful times, thereby inducing good hours of sleep. Taking this supplement just before you go to bed, helps you wake up rejuvenated and revitalized as expressed by a couple of gym-goers in a clinical trial. 

Now, after reading through most of this matter, you probably have come to the conclusion that ZMA ain’t meant for women - however, you’re wrong because women also have testosterone levels, in lesser amounts and hence, intake of ZMA helps control these levels - promoting women’s health like muscle growth too! This indicates it has no gender barriers whatsoever!

So, men and women alike - take matters into your hands, maintain your performance levels and keep striving to achieve your ideal body goals with a sound investment in this beneficial workout partner - ZMA supplements by Alvizia Healthcare! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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