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April 14 2021



With the devastating strike of the COVID-19 virus abruptly disrupting even our day-to-day lives, it’s become increasingly difficult to navigate the lockdown while simultaneously maintaining a healthy fitness regime. A maximum number of us have been experiencing difficulties in forming a rigid schedule and sticking to it proves even tougher! There are days where we surely wish to just wrap ourselves up in our blanket burritos and rejoice by switching shows on Netflix, completely setting away our tiring tasks. Then there are days you wish you could visit the gym without having to worry about contracting the virus and follow your trainer’s instructions in peace. Well, with this quarantine, it’s nearly impossible to stay fit and achieve our body goals with selected ease. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve come up with a few choice ways you could blatantly ensure that the joys of Working Out actually work for you! We’ve enlisted ways in which you could effortlessly strive to achieve your fitness goals, without much worry or hassle and become a better version of your current self! 

Visualize Personal Fitness Goals 

It’s going to be insanely confusing if you just decide one day that you’re going to wake up and start working out, and indulge in some vigorously stressful exercising out of nowhere! That could just speed up your process of failing and in turn, leave you at risk of enduring serious injuries or damaging your body. It’s vital to start small and steady. Baby steps to achieve your potential visionary goals, and mind you, progressing in a well-planned and strategic way shall have boundless results towards the end! 

Maintain a diary or make use of the Notes section on your smartphone. Plan out a work schedule that fits your body needs. Make sure not to pressurize yourself into enduring strenuous techniques or purchasing unnecessary equipment that could only lead to wasteful time spent! 

Newbies, don’t strain!

For those fairly new to working out, a short jog around the house or maybe in your society could work as a starter. At first, begin with shorter durations and let your body get used to the stamina you’ll be putting in. As you adhere to your primary regimen, add time, or maybe slightly shift your activity towards maybe running or cycling or brisk walking. Always remember, if done sincerely and well in moderation, even a simple activity could work wonders for your health! 

Be your own Motivator

Another thing to avoid is comparing your goals to others’ and trying to follow their patterns. This leads to severe demotivation even when it’s not really fruitful. Do not use this as a means to visualize a greater goal for yourself. Everyone’s health and fitness schematic patterns are different and it’s best to understand this and follow your own schedule! 

Challenge yourself

If you frequent the media, you’ll be relieved to find out that motivational techniques used by fitness gurus worldwide include a bunch of ongoing challenges. They often require you to sign up on their websites and be a part of it officially or you could choose to participate at your own leisure. Select a Fitness Challenge with a duration that suits you - maybe spanning over a week or a month or more than that if you’re feeling pumped up, and work your way to glory! Use these as your personal motivators and don’t feel disheartened if you aren’t able to complete a challenge. There are always going to be newer ones in the making! 

Subscribe to Fitness Channels 

For those of you that are scrolling through youtube looking for the perfect and easiest way to workout, check out popular channels that specialize in the kind of activity you enjoy. This could range from Yoga to body weights to cardio! The list is endless and trust us, you’ll find the right advisors and trainers online, for free! Fitness studios often post daily videos of engaging content to keep you hustling throughout and subscribing to their channels is never a loss! 

Download Fitness Apps

With the advent of social media, mobile phone applications are picking up the pace to seamlessly transfer valuable information across various corners of the world. Make use of this opportunity to download fitness apps like Fiit, Nike Training Club, Map my Run, JEFIT Workout Planner, etc. to stay on track and achieve goals in a smooth and stress-free manner. Hidden gems of valuable knowledge and bits and pieces of crucial workout tips could be found through such apps. This only works towards boosting your motivation and enabling you to stay hustling! 

Stay Connected with Peers

Oftentimes, a good way to boost yourself naturally is discussing your workout schedule with a few choice mates, sharing some special tips you received, and getting to know methods your dear ones are using to stay fit during this lockdown. It helps to keep an open mind towards all techniques and then invest in what suits you! When apps don’t help you meet your goals, your peers could help encourage you when you’re feeling low! Socially connecting with people is known to increase one’s will to workout in stressful times! 

Try Alvizia’s Workout Buddy 

For your pre- and post-workout regimen, Alvizia Healthcare has mastered a formula to help you burn unwanted fats using the amino acid supplement - L-Carnitine, a globally proclaimed workout buddy by renowned gym-enthusiasts. It has often been known to be a non-essential constituent in the total body system, meaning your body doesn’t produce enough amounts of it. This is the reason athletes opt to supplement it to keep their muscles strong and avoid putting on unrequired weight. 

It works by supplementing fat metabolism, in that it stimulates the breaking down of foreign fatty molecules and prevents fat accumulation, keeping you away from obesity. It also plays a key role in transporting long-chain fatty acids across the path of the inner body membranes. It generates an increased amount of calorie expenditure and thus, promotes weight loss.

Research studies indicate that after consumption of L-Carnitine supplements, athletes experienced reduced muscle damage after strenuous exercising, improved stamina even after high-intensity workout sessions, and decreased muscle soreness and metabolic stress-inducers within the body system. 

Needless to say, don’t let this Quarantine shun you from achieving your fitness goals. In fact, make use of this time to work towards your much sought-after body physique using the above-mentioned tips and techniques! 

It’s time to knock down this lockdown by hustling your workout sessions! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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