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August 27 2021



Carnitine is an amino acid and it plays an important role in the production of energy as it was responsible for the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria and helps in burning the fats that are used for the production of energy which is then utilized for carrying out various metabolic activities in the body. L carnitine has also been found to carry out other functions such as removal of waste products as well as toxins from the body. Carnitine also has beneficial effects in conditions that are associated with memory decline and it also acts as a potent performance booster. 

The major sources of L carnitine are milk, dairy products, poultry, fish, and meat. Other foods containing L carnitine include animal products and grass-fed beef. Intake of L carnitine has been found to have a wide range of benefits on physical as well as mental well being such as:

Improved weight loss 

The major contributory role of L carnitine is to break down the fats that are present in the body and utilize the energy that is formed as a result of reducing the excess body weight during the time of exercise. Studies have shown that supplementing with L carnitine supplements especially in women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome has a more beneficial effect in losing weight at a faster pace thereby improving the body mass index (BMI) and decreasing the hip to waist circumference. 

Enhanced athletic performance 

Studies have associated the intake of L carnitine with reducing the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles at the time of exercise which leads to faster muscle recovery, reduced damage to the cells, and thereby improves athletic endurance. Consumption of L carnitine supplements prolongs the workout time and thus improves the recovery time. Research also shows that L carnitine helps in protecting the muscles from exercise-induced damage and reduces the levels of the markers that are associated with muscle damage. 

Boosts brain function 

In individuals with disorders that affect mental health such as dementia, it has been established that they also suffer from an underlying deficiency of amino acids such as L carnitine. In such individuals, the progression of the disease can be slowed down by supplementing with adequate amounts of L carnitine. The mechanism of action of L carnitine is that it helps in the formation of acetylcholine which is an essential neurotransmitter needed for preserving the cognitive memory in the brain. The presence of the necessary amounts of L carnitine provides the brain cells with the energy they require to prevent the loss of memory as well as neurological degeneration. Intake of Alvizia L-carnitine supplements has been found to have beneficial effects in maintaining the overall health of the muscles, brain as well as heart.

Treatment of diabetes 

Developing resistance to insulin is one of the major causes of diabetes in people nowadays which indicates that the body is unable to utilize the insulin as per the requirements of the body which is in turn linked to the ability to burn fat in the body. In individuals who are insulin resistant, studies show that they have elevated levels of fat in the tissues of the muscles mainly in patients suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. In such cases, supplementing with adequate amounts of L carnitine helps in decreasing the levels of fat in the body thereby promoting higher insulin sensitivity.

Reduced fatigue

One of the major side effects that are most commonly associated with a wide spectrum of diseases, is found to be fatigue. Studies show that in such cases, intake of L carnitine has been found to have beneficial effects in reducing the onset of fatigue which occurs as a result of chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy. The mechanism of action of L carnitine is that it improves the quality of sleep thereby it decreases the amount of fatigue experienced and thus causes an improvement in the overall quality of life. 

Another condition where fatigue is a common occurrence is anemia where there is a decreased supply of oxygen to the muscles and organs of the body leading to fatigue. In individuals suffering from anemia, supplementing with L carnitine has been associated with an improvement in the red blood cell count which leads to an improvement in the energy levels by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood thereby reducing fatigue. It has also been known to reduce fatigue that occurs as a result of old age.

Protects the heart

Studies show that L carnitine is effective in strengthening the heart and thereby prolonging survival by improving the functioning of the heart in individuals with cardiovascular disease. Supplements of L carnitine have also been found to correct arrhythmias of the heart along with improving the blood flow in the muscles of the heart and it also plays an important role in promoting the metabolism of glucose thereby providing the energy that is required by the heart. 

The intake of L carnitine has also been associated with decreasing the rate of accumulation of plaques thereby preventing the hardening of arteries in the heart thus preventing the occurrence of heart attack and stroke. In combination with other conventional methods of treatment of heart disease, L carnitine has shown to be effective in improving the symptoms of angina and promotes a regular heart rhythm. 

Boosts the mood

The presence of the amino acid L carnitine has been found to have potent anti-depressant properties and has been thus known to improve the symptoms associated with depression thereby enhancing the mood. 

Improves the quality of sleep 

A night of proper and relaxing sleep is essential for the overall well being and the lack of adequate sleep causes various symptoms associated with sleep deprivation such as sleep apnea and disorientation. Intake of L carnitine supplements has been found to improve the airflow in the body thereby increasing the oxygen levels which in turn promotes good quality sleep.

Improves sexual function in males 

In individuals who are suffering from fertility issues, supplementing with L carnitine is beneficial in improving the sperm count and sperm motility thereby improving the fertility levels. L carnitine has also been associated with increasing the levels of testosterone in males thereby leading to an improvement in sexual function. 

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