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April 12 2021



Stressing Out is like Rocking in a Chair - You have something to Do, but it Doesn’t take you anywhere. 

With the dawn of this gruesome pandemic, plenty of us has had to rethink our mental health ratings. What could previously be considered as a moderately stressed-out lifestyle has probably blown out of proportion now. There are shortened deadlines, immense workloads, and so many obligations, you’re bound to lose track or give up altogether! 

Do you find yourself sitting isolated in a corner of your home, worrying over million-minute things? Are you getting anxious over being cooped up at home with a hectic workload? Is procrastination your only viable option at the moment?

Well, everyone’s bound to experience some amount of stress during their lifetime. However, the real problem arises if this is ignored. The stigma associated with mental health and stress-related conditions has led a major amount of Indians to avoid discussing this topic. This is the root cause of mentally unstable situations arising in many households, degrading one’s quality of life. 

Destigmatization followed by accurately and resolutely resolving to treat this condition is our plead to the general public. The team at Alvizia Healthcare offers you some suitable tips and tricks to help reduce your stressful mindset, alleviate the painful pressures of overthinking or worrying, and taking you a step towards living a life of undisturbed peace and joy! Let’s get right into it: 

Practice the Art of Mindfulness 

This phenomenon is all about appreciating the present moment. Keeping aside all your worries regarding events of the past or pondering over what dark times the future holds, Mindfulness is about regarding all the opportunities and blessings offered to you at the current moment and basking in the glory of that! Experts from the Neurological field, psychologists, and even Yoga enthusiasts convey a vast amount of their messages through this practice. It has been viewed as a cathartic method of relieving stressful moments. 

One must pay attention to three crucial pointers to achieve a state of mindfulness:

- Focus: Direct your complete and utter attention to one particular phase or part or an element. In this case, many people try focusing on a singular aspect of their day or a certain body part and concentrate all their attention on it. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary distractions, keeping your mind on a one-track path. 

- Engage: Once you’ve established your moment of attention, embrace it. If you face an invasion of thoughts of topics from the past start recurring, try and envision them as a part of your present moment. 

- Unbiased: When invaded by thoughts from the past or if worried about what the future holds, try, and stay non-judgemental. Don’t segregate these thoughts as good or bad or falling into a particular descriptive category, stay neutral, and accept them as they are until they pass by. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

A large number of yoga gurus opt for this technique before beginning any of their sessions. It’s a way to stay connected with your body and achieve overall relaxation and inner peace. Before starting your meditation session, one is advised to focus on individual parts of your body and relax them.

This is a gradual process and requires complete attention. A few deep breaths could be used to kickstart this intense process. It’s best to begin from top-to-bottom, right from your forehead down to your toes. If done correctly, you’ll experience a great release of tightness and tension in all your muscles and feel relaxed and rejuvenated for a fresh start! 

Take a Walk Outdoors 

During these scary pandemic times, it is advised to carefully select your choice of ‘outdoors’ arena, and take the proper precautions before stepping outside. But, connecting with the external environment rather than being cooped up inside the house has proven to awaken the lethargic parts of your brain. When you’re stressed, a million thoughts are running through your mind, creating a mangled mess, which leads to sweating, anxiousness, tensed conditions, all the more deteriorating your health. 

Stepping out into the nearby park or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood could activate certain cells and keep you energized. This doesn’t have to be vigorous walking, just plug into nirvana, observe nature, breathe in the greenery, embrace the environment, and stroll for a joyful time!

Connect with People 

At times, when stressed-out people tend to fare much better after having a fruitful conversation with either a loved one or a complete stranger. There’s no judging here because ultimately your goal is to move on from the stress-inducing hormones and start afresh. 

Ring up a trusted soul and maybe try venting out what’s on your mind. If you have a therapist, consult them for better guidance as they might already be aware of the issues you’re facing. There is no shame in confiding in others as humans naturally tend to perform better in life after socializing. Nurture your relationships with those you care about and talk it out. After all, people need people! 

Indulge in your Hobby 

Take out maybe 10-20 mins of your time during a grilling schedule and do something you love. Our passion could work wonders as a therapeutic way to relieve stress. Mental Health experts tend to advise people to reconnect with a long-lost hobby or try different activities till you find something you connect with on a personal level.

This could be either taking care of a potted succulent or playing your ukelele or re-reading your favorite novel or plugging into your favorite jam! There are tons of possible leisure activities and you’re bound to like some of them! This not only stimulates your brain cells but also keeps you happy and could work as a good reward after a stressful day! 

Say no to Unhealthy Habits 

Most people tend to resort to drinking or smoking or shoving their reasons for stress deep within until the day comes when it all explodes out, and this is not at all in a good way! Seeking help when needed is crucial. It’s never okay to let your condition worsen just because you think you can wait till the next day.

Do not get led astray by acts that shall only cause your eventual downfall. Excessive binge-eating or drinking caffeine are some of the most opted ways of dealing with stress, and these are to be avoided at all costs. Your health comes first, treasure it at all times! 

Invest in Smart Work, not Hard Work 

Most of the time, stress arises when you have excessive expectations or are putting in way too much effort than is otherwise needed to get the task done. With this evolving technological age, there are plenty of shorter ways to perform a job that would once have taken up hours of your time. Seek out alternative strategies to work smartly instead of pushing yourself to the limit and eventually breaking down.

You could create a list of all your tasks and rate their priority levels. The most important and urgent ones should be attended to first, leave the rest for later. You might find making lists and keeping track of your work a seamless and stress-free way of handling things. Don’t burden that precious mind of yours! Taking occasional breaks is okay and rewarding to your health. 

Bid Farewell to Pessimism 

Do you often find yourself reluctant to attempt something that according to you is ‘impossible’? Are you feeling demotivated because you think you just won’t be able to make it? A sheer lack of self-confidence is often correlated to stress.

Avoid comparing yourself with others and remember that everyone has their own allotted potential to crack open. We’re all gifted, but in different ways and it’s okay to set a slow pace if that’s how you work better! Be grateful always, and stay positive! Avoid having unrealistic expectations. 

Nourish your Body for a Healthy Mind 

Eating unhealthy food is definitely a causative factor of your stress. Excessive binge-eating junk food just adds fuel to the fire. A balanced and nourishing diet could be the trick to solving plenty of your health problems. When you’re fit physically, your mental health automatically starts shifting towards the positive! 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got a range of assorted organic supplements to help you tackle stressful times and prolong a healthy mindset! You could choose from some quality products like:

Triple Ginseng capsules (with the powers of the American, Korean and Siberian Ginseng extracts merged into one) for brain stimulation, memory-boosting, and relieving stress/anxiety-like symptoms. 

Milk Thistle capsules (Silymarin extract) for reducing oxidative stress within your brain cells, imparting mental well-being. 

Alenfish capsules (with the Triple strength of Omega-3 fatty acids) to help fight off depression, anxiety, and stress and provide a good attention span.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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