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April 07 2021



The one element that anyone notices at first glance is bound to be your skin, though many would like to ignore visual aspects as part of a first impression. It’s ideal today to undergo massive amounts of stress that may in turn take a toll on your otherwise healthy skin causing it to dull down or lose its moment of shine. Reports suggest that 27% of women by the age of 40 starts experiencing the aging of their skin, the wrinkling kicks in, and their skin can’t hold up that glossy, finished looking any longer. In some cases, premature aging kicks in the way before the age of 40 and that’s when women try searching for easier alternatives to treat this. 

However, take a step back, breathe and just ponder, wouldn’t it be much easier to just start taking precautionary steps to prevent all that hassle in the long run? How much better would it be if you could just age gracefully and pleasantly without having to undergo strenuous treatment or follow routine procedures just to get temporary skin fix-its for your aging skin?

At Alvizia Healthcare, we understand that having glowing, healthy skin is a priority for both men and women equally. This is the reason we’ve set aside a list of foolproof techniques and solutions to fall back on in your earlier stages of life, so you can get a handle on nourishing your skin the right way and live a bountiful life with youthful skin! 

It’s time to switch to a more Gentle Cleanser! 

Dermatologists suggest that your facial skin tends to get less oily and more sensitive as you age, which is why switching to a milder touch in the form of a cleansing agent is the right way to anti-age. Oftentimes, adults face acne breakouts too, which is why a gentle effort in cleansing helps solve this issue. Cleansing is also essential to get rid of any externally applied products at the end of every day, to avoid the accumulation of natural pollutants, foreign particles, dirt, and oils. An ideal skin cleanser keeps your skin free from dehydration and damage while nourishing it from within, preserving your skin’s barrier. Using high pH cleansers like those found in soaps could be very harsh for aging skin and must be avoided at all costs. 

Invest in Physical or Chemical Exfoliation!

As your age progresses, your skin starts losing the ability to self-replenish. Every 28 days, your skin undergoes an aging process whereby a new layer is created when dead cells are shed off. This is why exfoliants come into play to banish dead skin cells that are to blame for making your skin appear dull, dark, and uneven. Two main categories of exfoliants include physical and chemical ones. Rough physical cleansers like sugar scrubs or ones having beads because that makes your skin more prone to undergo sagging. Instead, opt for mild ones like a rough cloth or a soft sponge for this purpose. Chemically, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) like lactic acid and glycolic acid are known to be perfect exfoliants for aging skin. Weekly exfoliation avoids your skin from forming dark patches that could botch up your overall appearance. 

Always, Always Moisturize!

As stated previously, aging skin is deeply affected by dehydration and it’s always vital to supply it with the water-source it needs for complete nourishment. Try adding moisturizing to your daily skincare routine, to tackle the lack of sebum and increased dryness. Those fine lines that start appearing as your age, could be avoided by decent moisturizing. Opt for ones containing more water-binding humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerine for better hydrating activity. Applying a gentle portion of mineral oil or petroleum jelly at night could avoid quick water evaporation as your sleep. You could even adopt a mild-acting face wash wherein essential fatty acids deliver skin hydration and fight off oxidative damage. 

Keep your skin protected using Sunscreen!

Dermatologists are hell-bound on regular usage of sunscreen with an SPF 9sun protection factor) of 30 or more than that for completely avoiding age spots and wrinkling or stretching caused by tremendous exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Supple skin could be ensured by totally getting rid of dark spots and discoloration too. The sun is what’s mainly responsible for one type of skin damage, called Photoaging i.e. damage to the skin’s upper layer due to the sunlight hitting it. Therefore, using broad-spectrum sunscreens can protect your skin from wrinkling, and improve your outer texture. Additionally, your could use sun-protective wear like glasses or hats to keep those carcinogenic rays away. 

Bring Positivity to your lifestyle!

By this, we mean you should start thinking about changing your bad habits if any. If you’re a frequent smoker or an alcohol consumer, it’s time to slow down and eventually stop because, as shocking as it might be today, these have lasting deteriorative effects on your skin as you grow older. Alcohol tends to dehydrate and damage skin cells making them look older than normal. Smoking is another factor that speeds up your aging process, increasing wrinkles and sag lines and leaving your skin with a dull, unimpressive complexion. Try avoiding repeating your facial expressions too often because this might cause the muscles in those regions to start stretching and leave lines that start appearing after some time. Try exercising as much as possible during your youthful years to have youthful skin as you age later on. 

Try to stay far away from Traumatizing your Skin!

You might think this means facing accidents or scratching or scarring your face, which in a way, it does. But, we’d also like to stress on daily routine trauma that your skin might have to undergo. Take, for example, excessively squeezing your cheek muscles or rubbing your face onto rough-fibered towels, or leaving food particles or oily substances on your skin for too long. Something basic like pressing your skin onto your pillowcase might also be a cause for concern when discussing wrinkles and flat lines, as per recent studies. All of these trauma-inducing incidents should be avoided at every point because you need to treasure your skin when you have the time. 

Embrace the goodness of Organic Supplements! 

It’s possible now, with the surge of Nutraceuticals taking over the Beauty and Skincare industry, that a few organic supplements could help provide your skin with the ideal anti-aging look you’re desiring. At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got a few options you could choose from: 

Milk thistle (Silymarin) soft gel capsules for effective strengthening and replenishment of skin cells Biotin capsules, the ultimate skin nourishment supplement.

Garcinia Complex capsules wherein the Green Coffee extract is known to have anti-aging properties. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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