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February 27 2021



With this awful period of constant stress and worry about the COVID-19 pandemic, times are tougher. Our brains are overworking due to the ever-accumulating load of activities and a constant need to one-up your competition is something that never dies down. 

Do you often have the nagging feeling at the back of your mind that you’ve become forgetful? Couldn’t remember the items you wrote on the grocery list after you left it at home? Forgot the name of that kind of old lady you met at the mall? Are you struggling to compress as much information as possible for that online test that’s coming up next week? 

For most of us, having a forgetful mind could spout gruesome problems in the future. Studies suggest that even acknowledging the presence of a lacking memory could lead to severe inferiority complex issues and demotivate human spirits.

At Alvizia Healthcare, your mind and your body are treated as one, the sole core of your entire being. Being physically healthy does not equate to being mentally fit. This is why it is always essential to stay updated on your mental well-being and keep regular tabs on your mind’s activities too. 

We’ve curated a helpful list to aid you with memory-boosting for this stringent lockdown phase. Following the techniques mentioned in this list shall keep you on edge, at the top of your game, and give you hints regarding ways to improve your retention skills and emerge productive for the tough life in the outside world! 

- Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself 

At many times, the main culprit for a poor memory could be yourself. Yes, you may have been cruel or harsh on your inner self and have impossible expectations that always keep you labeling yourself as a failure when not met. For your memory power to be utilized to its fullest capacity, it is essential that you believe in yourself and never let yourself down, not in front of others and

not in front of yourself. The sky’s your limit and you’ve got to take it easy, don’t drain out your internal energy, and don’t be hard on yourself! 

- Don’t Skip Breakfast 

They say that Breakfast is the King of all meals because it provides a fresh and pumped up kick to start your day. Missing out on this important meal not only deprives you of essential nutrients but also reduces your memory power. Research suggests that people skipping out on breakfasts perform way worse in their working life as compared to those that don’t. There’s no need to have a full-packed meal, even cereal and milk works just fine! 

- Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

The brain is a mysterious organ with far more complexities than you could ever imagine. It needs a constant reminder of these actions. Nowadays, simply following a daily routine with the same-old tasks from morning till night won’t do much good. Try fitting in even 10 min of fresh activity. This could range from playing a new board game or learning the Rubix cube or watering your plants for the first time. Even an act as simple as that is counted towards something different from your schedule and contributes to improving your memory. 

- Don’t Miss out on a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep, with no in-between breaks is considered to be the bare minimum requirement for a healthy adult human being. It’s not just babies that need those wholesome hours of sleep. For putting in the drastic amount of tiresome work by constantly churning your brain cells the whole day, your body’s vital organ does deserve a well-earned break in the form of a good night’s slumber. Getting that shut-eye is highly important to feel rejuvenated and refreshed when you prepare for a new day. 

- Don’t Consume a High-Sugar Diet

Studies have correlated a high sugar intake to an increased risk for chronic diseases or other lifestyle disorders that could go unnoticed in their earlier stages. Excessive consumption of glucose-rich diets disrupts your health to a vast extent. This could give some a ‘sugar-rush’ that tends to interrupt their mental well-being too. One particular research insisted that too much sugar could also lead to decreased brain volume thereby affecting your memory powers. 

- Don’t Miss out on Calming Meditation

Detoxifying your mind by entering into a peaceful state of existence always proves beneficial for focusing your attention and elevating your memory skills. Studies have demonstrated how spatial working memory power gradually increases after attempting a session of mindfulness. Many people have claimed improved short-term memory in young adults when they meditated or did yoga for quality time during the day. 

- Don’t consume too much Caffeine

Amongst a vast number of pre-teens and adolescents, excessive consumption of coffee has deemed to greatly affect neurological activity by decreasing your retention span and making you less alert, contrary to popular belief. In some cases, people tend to be highly sensitive to coffee intake as even a sip of morning coffee could disturb their routine nighttime sleep, causing attention and memory problems. 

- Don’t Isolate Yourself

Socializing has proven to be quite a stimulating activity for your brain cells. This form of actively discussing points or engaging in riveting conversations, joking around with the welcoming company, and relaxing while bonding with loved ones proves to be a fruitful investment if done rightly. Having a meaningful friendship or a strong support group has helped thousands of individuals with their mental health too. 

- Don’t Ignore Your Health

Often, people tend to sideline small physical problems like a cold or cough or an elevated temperature, dismissing it as nothing major. It’s also very common to ignore stress-like symptoms or nervous breakdowns for a passing phenomenon. This shall particularly prove harmful in the long run if not treated right away. Always seek out help when you feel troubled as your mental capacity of remembering things is also affected by how you keep yourself in check, be it psychologically or physically. 

- Don’t Let a Good Challenge Get Away

This is what we believe is Brain Training. Try out different tricks and techniques to better remember items on a list of phone numbers or names of cities to always keep your brain exercising and ideas churning. Few good methods include using mnemonic devices, visual imagery, acronyms, rhyming words, chunking thoughts, etc. Keep mentally active by solving numeric or word-related puzzles in newspapers or indulging in mystery games online. You’ll be surprised to see how effective these could be! 

- Don’t Forget to Add these Brain-Foods to your Diet

Your regular diet should include some of these vital food items as they prove to nourish your mind, replenishing it for effective and improvised mental activity and giving you the stimulation needed to memorize quicker. These include Vitamin D, antioxidant-rich products like berries and teas, curcumin, omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish meals, whole grains, dry fruits, dark chocolate, eggs, kale, broccoli, avocados, peanuts, etc. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got specially formulated supplements to target just your desired need that could help boost your memory and retention powers to a large extent. Don’t skip out on redeeming the potential benefits of our supplements like:

Alenfish capsules (Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil with EPA and DHA) 

Biotin capsules (the water-soluble vitamin B complex supplement) 

Triple Ginseng capsules (with the powers of Korean, Siberian, and American ginseng extracts merged into one)

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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