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February 20 2021



L-arginine is considered to be one of the most metabolically multifaceted amino acids, mainly known for the production of nitric acid from nitric oxide with the help of nitric oxide synthase enzyme. Besides synthesizing Nitric oxide, it also acts as the precursor in synthesizing creatine, urea, glutamate and polyamines. This is highly essential in children than in adults. Fish, milk, meat, almonds, walnuts, soy and eggs are said to be the natural sources of arginine. However, according to studies, l-arginine when consumed in doses greater than our normal intake, has proven to show many medicinal benefits. 

 The significances of this versatile supplement are described below:

  • Reduces coronary or heart diseases: L- arginine being a vasodilator, works by converting into nitric oxide, which is a vital neurotransmitter that helps in the regulation of blood circulation and the release of arteries. Thus preventing major cardiovascular attacks. Simultaneously, it also helps in the improvements in blood flow throughout the body to the heart valves and helps in reducing the blood pressure of patients suffering from acute hypertension. It reduces mild to extreme levels of chest pain or angina pectoris. 
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction: L- arginine increases the level of NO in the body which in turns relaxes the muscles around the body which in turn cures erectile dysfunction and helps to maintain an erection. Studies have shown that men who are said to have arginine deficiency have decreased sperm count and high amounts of non-motile sperm. Thus arginine is necessary for normal spermatogenesis. Its other formulations have been also used as a vaginal lubricant. 
  • Inhibits gastric problems: According to studies, Nitric Oxide protects the layer of gastric mucosa against various damages like gastric ulceration, heartburn, excess acidity and formation of gastric lesions in the stomach. Also, researchers have mentioned its fast accelerating properties for healing chronic ulceration. 
  • Has anti-aging properties which are comparatively greater than any other nutraceutical or any medicative agent that has been discovered yet: it promotes collagen formation, reduces wrinkles and promotes faster wound healing than any other agent discovered so far.
  • Improved immune and hormonal responses: The increased levels of Nitric Oxide help in providing strong immune responses, t-cell formation and induces adaptive immunity which on the other hand helps in fighting against harmful pathogens. According to researchers, it has been shown to induce the release of many hormones, namely, growth hormones, proteins and enzymes in the body. Arginine deficiency has been also said to induce trauma and signs of cancer amongst other problems. This immune cell regulation, prevention of tumour growth,  is done successfully with the help of arginine. 
  • Faster healing of wounds and wounds resulted from burns: For healing a wound, it involves platelets, fibroblasts, inflammatory cells, epithelial cells etc. which on the other hand in response to inflammatory cytokines produce Nitric Oxide which plays an important role in healing wounds. The vasodilatory effects of NO promote early wound healing, regulates collagen accumulation and it also helps in cases of burn injuries and faster wound recoveries after undergoing surgery. 
  • Maintains the proper functioning of kidneys: L- arginine is synthesized in the kidneys from citrulline which is obtained from the small intestine. Taking arginine supplements has been found to protect the body against acute renal failures. It is also called a natural detoxifier for its outstanding antioxidant and detoxifying properties with a higher absorption rate in the body. 
  • Beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes: Clinical tests have shown that people suffering from type-2 diabetes have fewer levels of l-arginine in their body, thus supplementing with this might help in restoring the necessary molecular imbalance, it reduces oxidative stress in the patients and can actually reverse the effect of this disease. It also reduces the oxidative damage done in the body by the reactive oxygen species.
  • Highly beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders: It is considered as an important pre-workout supplement for body builders because of many reasons. Arginine helps to increase your stamina, overall endurance levels and assists you to train for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted. It increases the oxygen flow through the blood and reduces the overall fatigue of muscles. It also helps in faster weight loss; studies have shown that people who supplemented arginine had a faster glucose transfer to the muscle cells than others. For training more intensively, you need your body to recover fast, and without nitric oxide, fast muscle relaxation can’t take place and arginine promotes high levels of oxygen flow to the muscles. With a long term intake of this supplement, it helps in the reduction of fat mass in the body and the increase of lean muscle mass. Thus, L-arginine is the saviour for athletes and bodybuilders. 
  • Helps in relieving stress: When combined with lysine, it helps in relieving high-stress levels and anxiety amongst people by releasing multiple hormones and inhibiting stress hormones in the body. 

So, the question is, should you take it?

The answer is.. 

Why shouldn’t you?

Like all other drugs, when taken in excessive doses, it might cause a lot of health problems which includes bloating, diarrhoea, potassium imbalance in the body, mess up the blood sugar levels, decrease heart rate and blood pressure. Also, it has been advised that nursing and pregnant women should not take the supplements without the proper consultation of a doctor. The overall side effects are however considered to be comparatively low and when taken in proper doses it has actually proven to be highly beneficial! 

L-arginine can be found commercially in many countries and in suitable doses which are recommended for its intake as a nutritional supplement. It is found in various forms like tablets, powders, capsules, injection, cream, infusion and granules in a variety of doses. You can check this link if you want to buy these supplements from a highly reliable place. The recommended usage is said to be 2-4 capsules daily or as directed by your dietician/physician. Moreover, it's safe and made from 100% vegetarian sources which make it safer for consumption. 

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