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October 16 2021



If you’re someone that takes their hair pretty seriously and wishes to gain more information on what exactly goes into nourishing and treating your scalp, keeping it healthy and happening, this blog is the right spot to find out just that! It’s said that on average, the human hair comes into contact with at least 5 of these products in its generalized lifespan, which is why we think getting yourself familiarized with the basics shall do you pretty good soon! 

There’s a vast difference between Hair beautification products and Hair cosmetics - the former is only concerned with stylizing your external appearance, giving it a temporary fixture such that it appears desirable and presentable, with little to no long-lasting effects. On the other hand, the latter focuses more on a thorough treatment - right from within - sparking a rejuvenating feeling as and when used. Some of these products, in your opinion, are the ones you happen to use daily, which varies amongst different hair types.

After reading this blog, you might even strike a sensitive thought - you might find out you’ve been using a product the wrong way or for the wrong reason or maybe, just maybe, the product you use isn’t meant for your hair type at all! All-in-all it’s never too late to shift to using a better, more suitable product or entirely letting go of the wrong ones, let’s help you take this one step at a time! 

Hair Oils 

A must for people suffering from ‘problematic hair’, however as times progressed, hair oils have now become a necessity in every household. Apart from taming frizzy, brazen hair, providing added shiny textures, and promoting healthy hair growth, they also form a great way to externally beautify your hair by delivering luxe and polished looks. However, the common mistake is considering oils to be a sort of beautifying potion, which is wrong! Hair oils were created to act as nourishing, enriching, and conditioning treatments for your hair and scalp. They help with hair lubrication, reducing breakage, split-ends, and leaving your hair well-kept. Wet hair can be easily detangled after the application of good hair oil. You could choose from a wide variety like avocado oils, almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. 

Hair Gels

This renowned styling product usually fares well when applied to wet hair, setting it with a fixated look and style you were aiming for. There exists a wide variety with specific strengths based on your hair volume and type, so everyone’s supposed to select one that best matches their personalized features for the best possible results. Usually, people prefer applying it to wet hair and then leaving it in till it dries out, leaving them with the desired style. Or at times, if you’re in a particular hurry, you could just use a hairdryer to get quicker results. However, when you opt for a faster option, it does pressurize the hair and occasionally weighs down on fine, thin hair. For people that have extremely dry or frizzy hair, they should avoid using hair gels with alcohol in them as this could seriously damage the hair strands To wash out the remnants of the hair gel, try using clarifying shampoo for proper removal of the product. 

Hair Sprays

Known to give the hair a sort of power and punch effect, hairsprays have long since been popular for their ability to keep a certain hairstyle steadfast, so it sets deep in and remains even after you’ve styled your hair. The main objective is to obtain that one particular hold you desire for your hair. These quick-drying liquids will eventually spread all over your scalp, however, if overused, they tend to cause scalp and eye irritation. Some hair sprays can reduce frizziness, increase shine and also contribute to giving a glowy texture to the outside hair. If the product comes with added glimmer, it will prevent fading and deliver a shimmery outlook. This versatile product is capable of also taming down irregular hair, making it look naturally clean. You could opt for using hairsprays as aerosols or even pumps. 

Hair Mousse

To obtain that extra hair-lift and pizzazz, we recommend using Mousses, the volume contributors to your thinning hair. This styling foam will help stiffen up your hair, increasing its density and keeping it still held in your preferred style. The magic lies in the capabilities of synthetic resins that proceed to latch onto your hair strands and keep them secured in shape, while your styling is on. This is suitable for all hair types and boasts a lightweight with the ability to donate volume even to the finest of hair strands. On application to wet hair and then letting it eventually dry out, your hair could achieve a wet, crunchy look. You could choose from a wide variety like volumizing mousse or styling mousse to achieve that perfect hair finish. For those wanting to accentuate their curls naturally, hair mousse is the right choice! 

Hair Serum

Responsible for delivering the perfect protection from excessive humidity, hair serums form a crucial part of your styling and nourishing care package. Along with providing a smoother touch and outlook to your hair, serums could also protect your shiny hair locks by giving them a decent shine. For extremely dry hair, it’s best to start applying your hair serum right from the upper-middle shaft up to the ends of your hair strands before you proceed to wash and rinse your hair. It’s important to note that you’re using very little amount as only that much will help style your hair well. Applying this product directly onto the hair roots will lead to a problematic flat layout of your overall look. Hair serums are especially beneficial to those suffering from tangled hair, coarse and dry hair strands, are surrounded by extremely polluted spaces, and those that spend the maximum amount of their time in the sun. 

Hair Pomade

This product usually comes in the following three variations: water-based, greasy-type, and wax-based. The outcome is a slick and shiny appearance to your hair, keeping in place the variety of styles you wish to try. Nowadays, with fantastic rinse and wash technology, pomades are quite easy to get rid of after application, as opposed to the past, when it took ages to get shed off. Typically, beauty gurus also call this Hair wax, as it’s known to smooth out textures, hold out rather intricate-appearing hairstyles and smooth any flyaways as well. If you’re looking for an extra glossy finish, try mixing one or two drops of hair oil with your preferred pomade and witness the magic. Due to the difficulty when it comes to the removal of wax-based pomades, the general audience prefers to use ones with water-soluble ingredients in them. 

We hope you’ve got a clearer picture of what Hair Cosmetics are and how they play an essential role in nourishing and beautifying your hair’s outlook. At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got a few organic solutions to help maintain your hair health and deliver adequate strength and integrity to your strands and scalp. Here are a few choice selections:

Biotin (Vitamin complex capsules to obtain appropriate hair nourishment).
Hair, Skin, and Nails Formula (a trinity solution for all three body parts to receive restoration of health). 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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