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October 16 2021



Your skin deserves only the best in terms of skin care and nourishment, and for this purpose, it’s important to stay aware of the various product types and their functioning before you indulge in the application of them onto your original skin. There have been plenty of instances in life when you’ve had to use at least one of these products for a variety of occasions. But, have you ever sat back, actually pondered, and wondered about the products you use and their true purpose? 

Research reports suggest that 78% of females tend to use skincare products solely because their close friends or colleagues happen to use them and have benefitted from them. However, it’s crucial to note that not every product suits all skin types. This is because even though you share 7 common skin layers, everyone’s preexisting conditions for their skin types differ and require different care methods. 

One must always be notified that good skincare doesn’t just involve regularly splashing water onto your face or keeping it away from dirt or excessive oiliness. There are always several players at work to help keep your skin rejuvenated, refreshed and alive! 

We’ve put together a list of dermatologically approved skincare products that are considered some of the most common ones in a typical routine package:

Facial Oils 

If you’re someone that fears the word ‘oil’ plainly because you feel your skin is already oily enough and doesn’t need the excess treatment? Well, it’s time you rectify your false beliefs and embrace the truth about the essential nature of facial oils. Regardless of your skin type, nutrient-filled facial oils provide a base for crucial nourishment and keep your face healthy and glowing. These are especially hydrating in nature and help people suffering from extremely dry skin that keeps shedding or breaking out. Two typical oils great for all types of skin are Vitamin E and Argan oils. If you happen to find the right oil for your skin, it’ll act as an astringent getting rid of excessive grease formation and also regulate the skin’s sebum generating capability. 

Face Masks

Thanks to the dawn of COVID-19, when we say masks, you’re immediately reminded of the cloth and fabricated barriers that are adorning most of your faces today. Well, rest assured, we’re talking about cosmetic masks, which come with a variety of purposes like brightening, glowing, nourishing, hydrating, exfoliating, etc. Dermatologists suggest that weekly usage of Facial masks helps moisturize skin the right way and gives people’s blemishes and scars or facial acne time to dry and eventually heal. Some people even invest in clarifying masks for foreheads and soothing cheek masks, the industry is constantly innovating! 


The term exfoliation means the removal of dirt and debris to inculcate a cleaner and healthier alternative environment, and that’s the role played by such facial products. We’re sure many newbies will find this an intimidating and stressful topic because it’s really important to find the right exfoliator for your skin type. You should know that over-usage of chemical exfoliators will eventually damage your skin, but when used in moderation, containing ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, such exfoliators can reduce acne, inflammation, open up pores, help to shed off of dead skin cells, and make your skin appear bright and young. 


If you’ve been using facial cleansers more than twice a day, just to get that temporary blissful and glow-up, you’re doing it wrong! Dermatologists suggest that the ideal times to use a facial cleanser per day is twice tops. It’s also essential that you’re using a suitable one as per your skin type. Cleansers will help rid your skin of dirt, debris, foreign matter, residues, oily particles, makeup left, etc. It’s also advisable to switch to two different cleansers, one for the mornings and one for nights if you’re capable of following a routine. For the best results, make use of a cleanser after thorough product recommendation and testing of your skin’s properties. 


These are pretty much the buzz products when you’re opting to look younger, with plumper and richer skin. To achieve just the right amount of hydration, it’s best to use a moisturizer ingredients like hyaluronic acid, or glycerin. Along with facial moisturizers, one must also use products for their neck, elbows, knees, and feet. Those containing parabens should be avoided as some sensitive skin types might find these harmful or toxic. Some ingredients help in the replacement of oily residues from the skin’s surface. 

Chemical Peels

If you’re fairly new to skin care and facial beautification, facial peels might have fascinated you. These are said to be stronger than Exfoliators in cleansing the skin. When applied onto the skin’s surface and kept for a while to let them soak in, these also help shed off the outermost skin layer, removing with it deeply buried excessively dead skin cells. In case your skin is prone to harmful skin reactions, or adverse effects or eczemas, it’s best to avoid using these harsh products. However, if you’re a fresher to these, it’s recommended to connect with a professional before using these. For those who’ve used chemical peels before, it’s wise to opt for DIY kits available for a variety of reasons like reducing acne, reducing sun damage, curing wrinkly skin, etc. 

Facial Toners

These products are usually used after the application of cleansers twice a day. Their main role is assisting with the removal of residues on the skin or excessive makeup leftover. When you see a lot of advertisements for toners, they usually promote how these cosmetics can restore a healthy pH balance in the skin, shrinking your pores to prevent oily skin. pH balance is especially important because after using a multitude of different soaps and creams, the pH of our skin gets imbalanced and this is what leads to immense breakouts, and the continuous cycle begins. People with oily skin can relate to this on a higher level! 


A user-friendly way to refer to them is by calling these products your sun-protectant buddies. As we’re all familiar with sunscreens, they protect your sensitive skin from the damage caused by the Ultraviolet radiation of the sun. SPF is Sun Protection Factor and is a number that goes into most buyers’ decision-making process. So, while shopping for sunscreens, it’s best to look for higher SPF levels, as this indicates better sun protection. However, extremely high SPF values could eventually reverse-react for different skin types, as studies have shown. Some sunscreens also help prevent excessive skin tanning, forming the right addition to your car package the next time you visit the beach. 

Facial Serums

A heavenly way to obtain enriched skin, serums help reduce oxidative damage caused by your skin cells and thereby fight off free radicals, playing an anti-oxidative role. If your serum contains ingredients like retinol or peptides, that indicates it is capable of playing an anti-aging action. In some cases, this also increases the production of collagen. People suffering from really dry and breaking skin could opt for serums as they penetrate deep within and work towards proper skin hydration. This is why most consumers prefer using these just below moisturizers to get adequate hydration in their sleep. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, skincare and nourishment are one of our prime objectives for our customers, hence we offer a tremendously helpful range of organic, nature-friendly products to help rejuvenate and enrich your skin, regardless of its type. 

Aleneve (soft gelatin capsules containing Evening Primrose Oil, a radical component to help with anti-acne treatment and glowing skin).

Biotin (containing vitamin B7, these soft gels help rejuvenate the skin and provide essential nourishment to your tone and texture). 

AlenGlow (as the name suggests, this facial care kit contains Vitamin C and L-Glutathione for effective skin support). 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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