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May 07 2021



Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberose) is a creeper that has roundabout leafless stems. It is generally found around the waterways and streams and in the lower slopes of the Himalayas at the tallness of 3000 ft. Underground natural products are discovered joined to their foundations. Organic products differ fit as a fiddle and size and its taste is fundamentally the same as that of madhuyashti. This is the reason it is known as swadu kand (a delicious organic product). This creeper is the top choice to ponies and henceforth is usually known as gay vajipriya. Its new natural products are sold in the business sectors as sural. Another substitute, known as ipomoea paniculata is found. At the point when cut, a great measure of impactful and sharp fluid overflows out of it. 


It is sweet, unctuous, and cooling. It is a galactagogue, and advances actual strength, is gainful for composition, is Spanish fly, and fixes consuming sensation. It is a supplement (rasayan). 


Liver/Spleen Enlargement:- 

Give 4 gm of its powder to be taken orally each day and night. It forestalls the liver/spleen broadening. 

Blood Purification:- 

Cook it and eat. It purges blood and fixes all blood-related issues. 

Bulimia Nervosa:- 

Bubble 9 ml of its juice in 200 gm milk and offer this to the patient. 

Blend 9 ml of its juice in with 9 gm ghee from bison milk. Offer this to the patient. It fixes the issue. 


Blend equivalent sums on the off chance that it's powder and sesame and, at that point crush them. Give 1 teaspoonful of this powder with nectar, three times each day. Inside a couple of days, it controls dying. 


Give 5 gm of this powder with milk, threefold every day. It upgrades milk creation. 

Monthly cycle:- 

Give 1 teaspoonful of its powder with 1 teaspoonful of ghee and sugar. It controls inordinate seeping in the feminine cycle. 

Granulate 1 teaspoonful of every one of its powder and sugar sweets. Give this combination with 1 teaspoonful be, each day and night to the patient. it controls excessive seeping in the feminine cycle. 

Supplement [Rasayan]:- 

Take 3-6gm of its powder and blend it in 20gm ghee. Heat this combination in 360ml milk. Give this milk to the patient with sugar blended in it. Advances actual strength and makes the individual solid. 

Take 60gm of its powder, 40gm grain flour, and 50gm wheat four. Broil every one of the three in 50gm ghee. Add 20gm every one of cashew nuts, almonds, Shiranui, white moose, Jaipal, cloves, and cardamom. Blend them all in with nectar and get ready Laddus. Eat 1 laddu each day and makes the individual sound. Give 1gm of its powder with munakka consistently to kids. It advances actual strength in kids. 

Give 1 gm of its powder with nectar, each day and night to youngsters. It cures weakness and advances actual strength in kids. 

Set up its powder and plunge it in its juice multiple times and afterward let the powder dry. Give 5 gm of this powder, each day and night with milk and sugar to the patient. It advances the safe arrangement of the body's life span and makes the individual genuinely fit. 

Take 3-6gm of its powder with bubbled milk, routinely. It postpones maturing. 

Masculinity, Potency:- 

Blend its 3gm powder n 10gm of its juice and blend in with 5gm ghee and 100 gm nectar. Take the combination of each day and night. It advances masculinity and intensity. 

Blend 2 teaspoonful of its powder with 1 teaspoonful of Ghee and milk. Take this routinely for quite a while. It fortifies the creation of semen. 

Sexual Desire:- 

Take 1 teaspoonful of its powder with 1 teaspoonful nectar each day and night. It improves and upgrades sexual longing. 

Take 1 piece of its powder with 1 section powder of Gular organic product, with milk with 4-6 gm ghee blended on it. 


Give 10gm of its juice with 2 teaspoonfuls of nectar, on a void stomach, each day and night. It fixes causticity.

Vidarikand an enduring spice which is usually known as Indian Kudzu. The tubers (underlying foundations) of this reviving spice are generally utilized as resistance supporters and helpful tonic. Underlying foundations of Vidarikand assist with expanding the progression of mother's milk and increments both quality and amount of semen in guys that increment its check and portability because of its spermatogenic property. Eatable tubers of vidarikand are additionally used to oversee chest torment, ailment, and fever. 

Taking it with milk after suppers will give you the most extreme advantages. 

Consolidating Vidarikand in your eating routine restores skin and expands gleam. 

What are the equivalents of vidarikand? 

Pueraria tuberosa, Bhumikushumanda, Bhedeleton, Bhuikumra, Vidarikanta, Bhonykoru, Eagio, Bhoikolu, Sakharvel, Vidarikanda, Nelagumbala Gudde, Nelagumbala, Gumadi belli, Nelagumbula, Mudakku, Bhuikohala, Ghodvel, Bhuiankakharu, Nilapoosani, Nelagummuda, Darigummadi, Kudzu, Vidarika.

What is the wellspring of vidarikand? 


What are the advantages of Vidarikand for Alcohol compulsion? 

Vidarikand helps in diminishing liquor utilization because of its cell reinforcement properties. It battles against the free extremists (coming from liquor) which forestalls cell harm. Examination proposes that hefty consumers who take Vidarikand are found to burn-through less alcohol. Alcoholism alludes to dependence on liquor. It is a persistent issue where an individual can't avoid regular and extreme utilization of liquor for physical or mental reasons. In Ayurveda, Alcoholism can be alluded to as Madatyaya. A wide range of liquor abuse are Tridoshaja and the dosha that is overwhelming is dealt with first. In Alcoholism, Oja Akshaya (debilitated resistance) is additionally a significant confusion. Vidarikand can help diminish the side effects of Alcoholism. Taking Vidarikand assists with expanding Oja and balances the irritated dosha (if Vata-Pitta exasperated) as a result of its Rasayana and Vata-Pitta adjusting nature. 

What are the advantages of Vidarikand for Angina (heart-related chest torment)? 

The insufficient logical proof is accessible to help the job of Vidarikand in forestalling chest torment during a technique called percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA). 

What are the advantages of Vidarikand for Coronary corridor sickness? 

Vidarikand may be valuable in overseeing coronary illness because of its cell reinforcement property. The cell reinforcements present in Vidarikand battle against the free extremists. This forestalls the development of blood clusters which improves the progression of blood to the heart, along these lines lessening harm to the heart and thusly the danger of coronary illness. 

What are the advantages of Vidarikand for Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2)? 

Vidarikand oversees ordinary glucose levels in the body due to its Rasayana (reviving) property. It forestalls the harm to pancreatic cells and improves insulin discharge which gets disabled because of the aggregation of Ama (poisonous remaining parts in the body because of inappropriate assimilation) in the body. 

What are the advantages of Vidarikand for (influenza)? 

Vidarikand lessens the indications of the Flu. In Ayurveda, influenza or flu is known as Vata Shleshmika Jwara. Influenza is a viral contamination of the upper respiratory plot. As indicated by Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha get upset during the occasional changes that prompt influenza. Vidarikand assists with diminishing the indications of influenza and battles against occasional changes because of its Rasayana (restoring) properties.


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