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January 18 2021



Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally present mainly in citrus fruits and is chemically known as L-ascorbic acid, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement. Vitamin C cannot be synthesized endogenously, so it is an essential dietary component and should be supplied from outside. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is present in abundant citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato juice. Vitamin C can be found in other food sources that includes red and green peppers, kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and cantaloupe.

Acute vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy. Other symptoms of vitamin C deficiency may include fatigue (probably the result of impaired carnitine biosynthesis), malaise, and inflammation of the gums. Vitamin C plays many other important role and excess deficiency can lead to impaired collagen synthesis and connective tissues become weakened, causing petechiae, ecchymoses, purpura, joint pain, poor wound healing, hyperkeratosis, and corkscrew hairs.

With progress of scurvy many symptoms can be observed which includes depression as well as swollen, bleeding gums and loosening or loss of teeth due to tissue and capillary fragility. Due to increased bleeding iron deficiency anemia can also occur and decreased nonheme iron absorption secondary to low vitamin C intake. In children, bone disease can be present. Left untreated, scurvy is fatal.

Vitamin C also supports biosynthesis of collagen and certain neurotransmitters; vitamin C is also involved in protein metabolism. Collagen plays a vital role in wound healing and is an important component of connective tissue, which. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can regenerate other antioxidants within the body, including alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). Because of its antioxidant activity, vitamin C limits the damaging effects of free radicals, might help prevent or delay the development of certain chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, and other diseases in which free radical is the root cause. Vitamin C has crucial role in immune function and facilitates the absorption of nonheme iron, the form of iron present in plant-based foods.


It can be used to fulfill the levels of vitamin C, scurvy, delayed wound and bone healing, urine acidification, and in general as an antioxidant.
It can also be used as

  • Antiviral agent
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts
  • The common cold


    1. Improves immune system

    Vitamin C improve immune system by enhancing the production of interferons, improves the function of phagocytes, supports the cellular immune response, enhances cytokine production by white blood cells, inhibits the apoptosis of various forms of T-lymphocytes, enhances the production of T-lymphocytes, supports the production and activity of antibodies,

    2. Improves cardiovascular system

    Vitamin C is a powerful dietary antioxidant that inhibits oxidation of LDL-protein, thereby reducing atherosclerosis. Vitamin C shows beneficial action on lipid profiles, arterial stiffness, and endothelial function.

    3.Good for skin condition

    The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis that increases elasticity, prevents ageing, hence make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health . Vitamin C may provide protection against and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage. It also speeds up the wound healing process.

    4. Good for bones and joints

    Vitamin C improves the collagen content that reduces the risk of fracture and joint pain as collagen is an important component of connective tissue.

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