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March 31 2021



Vitamin C’s usefulness and its benefits are one such thing that we hear about from everyone. It might be possible that a person may not know anything about any kind of vitamin present, whether it be its source or use but Vitamin C is an exception to it. Everyone would instantly come up with the lemon word and make it the ultimate source of Vitamin C. 

So, until now you must have got the gist of this article which is going to all about Vitamin C.

Sources of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like oranges and of course lemons are the richest source of vitamin C.

Other Vitamin C sources include broccoli, bell peppers, and strawberries.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Bumps in the skin: Have you ever notices some small and tiny bumps in your skin. These bumps are most common on the forehead and the chin area. All these bumps appear suddenly and then you are all left to discover the cause as to what led to this overnight eruption on your smooth and glowing skin. Well, here we present the case to you which is a vitamin C deficiency. Collagen, which is a vital element for healthy skin and smooth skin needs Vitamin C for its functioning. 

Keratosis Pilaris: This is a very common skin condition which most simply are unaware of as this is not some major disease that needs to be taken care off neither it shows any symptoms of its appearance. In Keratosis Pilaris rough patches appear on the skin and bumps are also common in such situation. This condition is not itchy at all and does not do any major harm to you or your skin. For many people, the condition can persist for a long time while for others it can go away quickly. All of this depends upon the type of diet you are taking in the number of nutrients that are involved.

Disfiguration of the body hair: Lack of vitamin C can also affect the growth of body hair. It can cause body hair to get disfigured. This condition has a term called corkscrew body hair because the hair that grows is observed to be bent or are coiled. The condition can last up to one month or so, but can continue even further if proper treatment of vitamin C is not taken in. In most cases, treatment is also not necessary as it could be treated at home by just increasing the amount of Vitamin C in your diet.

Facial red hair follicles: You can visualize this condition with an example that is the waxing example. Many of you must have experienced tiny red dots that appear after you get your sensitive skin waxed. Most of the people who have delicate or sensitive skin often face this problem. These are the tiny blood vessels that supply blood to the hair follicle. These blood vessels when damaged show a picture. So the same goes with the red hair follicle thing. If you are having a deficiency of Vitamin C then such tiny red dots might appear on your face.

Damaged Skin: A major component of healthy skin is collagen and Vitamin C. This is the reason why skincare brands have come up with a whole range of night creams, night gels, and serums that are loaded with Vitamin C. Vitamin c if applied to the skin before sleeping can give you a very bright and radiant skin. This is also a tip that you can follow. So if such a component gets missed from the skin the results can be disastrous for your skin. So in short, it is important to maintain the required level of vitamin C in the body and essentially in the skin.

Bruising: Bruises are formed when the skin gets damaged by a hard blow on the skin but the skin does not get ruptured or broken. In case of a bruise, the skin does not start to bleed but the blood vessels underneath get ruptured forming a bruise which is a bluish-black spot. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to the formation of such bruises even slight damage on the skin can lead to the formation of such bruises.

Slow healing: Healing of the wound becomes difficult if you are deficient in Vitamin C. Vitamin C initiates the healing process.

Pain in the joints: If you are experiencing some pain in the joints and also having some swollen joints, then lack of Vitamin C can be one of the causes. Bleeding can also be seen.

Effects the immunity: Vitamin C also has a significant effect on immunity. Lemon water is consumed regularly helps to develop good immunity. This is a fact that also has a scientific backing so we can also assume that how much power and effect would Vitamin C have if taken in the right quantity. Vitamin C helps certain cells to develop and these cells in turn help the body to fight against many pathogens and bacteria. We can say that vitamin C is also the protector of the body in a way. So if you are lacking heavily in vitamin C then there are chances that you might also fall prey to some of the disease-causing bacteria and viruses. 

May cause fatigue: Fatigue and a constant bad mood are some of the early first symptoms of you undergoing any Vitamin C deficiency. If you are experiencing any symptoms like that then you should be a little cautious and start to consume more Vitamin C. 

These are some of the causes and symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency. If you are contacting any of these then it’s high time that you should pay a little attention.  If you are looking for any such health supplement that can help you overcome any of the Vitamin C deficiency then Alvizia is a brand that can help you. Its Vitamin C range is one such thing that you can opt for.

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