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August 21 2021



The prostate gland is located below the bladder in males and it is approximately about the size of a walnut. The prostate gland is an essential part of the male reproductive system as it plays a major role in the secretion of the male sperm. 

The main function of the prostate gland is the filtration of the various toxins and impurities such as xenoestrogens or molecules that are similar to man-made estrogen that is embedded in the semen and thereby ensuring that the best quality of sperm is available for the process of conception and reproduction thus leading to the development and established of a healthy and strong progeny for the continuation of species. 

The disadvantage of the presence of these chemicals in the semen is that it interrupts the normal functioning of the estrogen and testosterone balance in males which may cause conditions such as unwanted growth of the prostate gland. Another harmful effect of these impurities is that by promoting oxidative stress due to the formation of large amounts of free radicals and other inflammation-causing reactions, they increase the risk of developing prostatitis which is the inflammation of the prostate gland and other disease conditions like prostatic carcinomas. 

Studies show that some amount of enlargement of the prostate in men usually begins around the age of 45 years but most of them do not manifest any major symptoms. It is also established that most of the males by the age of 60 years have prominent development of prostate enlargement which in turn leads to various problems such as difficulty in urination. 

A sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor to the development of prostate health. There must be an adequate amount of transport and circulation to move fresh blood and oxygen into the area of the prostate gland. Those individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of risk disorders related to the prostate gland as lack of physical activity leads to congestion and stagnation in the prostate gland thereby causing impairment in its proper functioning. In people who spend longer amounts of time on automobiles, the seated position along with the effects of the vibration causes increased pressure in the region of the prostate gland in the groin area. 

Nutritional solution for disorders of the prostate 

By incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in various nutrients such as phytonutrients that can be obtained from the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and removing all the inflammation-promoting food products such as processed grains, commercially produced animal products, sugar-containing sweeteners, aerated beverages, products containing artificial preservatives, meats as well as dairy products, the inflammation in the prostate gland can be contained. Other sources of good fat like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds also are beneficial in the symptomatic relief in conditions of prostate disease. Ingredients that are essential for the proper functioning of the prostate gland include grass-fed and free-ranging meat products that are rich in nutrients such as zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Other herbs that contain anti-inflammatory action are basil, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, ginger, garlic as well as rosemary. The regular intake of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, sprouts of broccoli, kale, collard greens, and cabbage help in the process of elimination of the excess of estrogen and various toxins from the body because of the presence of compounds such as indole 3 carbonyl, isothiocyanates as well as sulforaphane in them. Dark green and leafy vegetables and organic fruits along with animal products and fruits that contain low glycemic index such as lemons, limes as well as berries are also beneficial in preserving the proper functioning of the prostate gland. 

Studies show that lycopene, green tea, and zinc also have a contributory role in the regulation of prostate gland functioning. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant that is generally found in the area of the prostate gland but it is found to be reduced with advances in age and due to improper diet and sedentary lifestyle. Other antioxidant sources of food include grapefruits, tomatoes, red peppers, goji berries, and raspberries. Green tea has also been found to be beneficial in protecting the prostate gland dysfunction due to the presence of a compound called polyphenolic antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate ( ECGC). Supplementing with Alvizia green tea extract supplements has a beneficial action in reducing the risk of developing disorders associated with the prostate gland. 

Zinc is essential for the smooth regulation of various enzymatic, immune as well as reproductive functions. Studies show that a few individuals with prostate gland disorders also have an underlying deficiency of zinc. Intake of pumpkin seeds along with pasture-raised animal products regulate the amount of zinc in the body and it also acts by triggering the multiplication of cells in the prostate gland. Supplements of Alvizia ZMA capsules rich in zinc also help in reducing the risk of developing prostate problems. Other herbs that can naturally increase the amount of zinc in the body include palmetto as well as pygeum. 

Consumption of omega 3 fatty acid supplements helps in decreasing the rate of inflammation in the prostate gland and also promotes the production of testosterone. Studies also show that omega 3 fatty acids are effective in decreasing the harmful growth of the prostate gland. Low levels of vitamin D in the body are also associated with disorders of the prostate gland and also decreased the production of testosterone. Other effective techniques for regulating the prostate gland functioning include getting proper sleep, intermittent fasting, and improving gut motility. 

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