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March 12 2021



Each one of us aspires to have an attractive body. A good shaped body is what gives much of us a feeling of confidence. Many want to lose weight to enter some kind of modelling professional whereas others just want to be fit. Whether lean or fat. Chubby or skinny, each and every body type is different and unique and must not be looked down upon. 

Derivation of the concept

The earlier men and women were not so lean and muscular.  Men were way fitter than women of those times. As men were involved in more of physical and strenuous work than the women of the house which helped in keeping them fit. Going for hunting,  gathering food and looking for shelter kept the men active in the early period. Women were always busy in the household work, taking care of the newborns and giving births. So we can say that there was less of the body movement involved. Giving births also required women to eat more to provide of the feeding of the babies. This ensured a weight gain in women. 

Positive Outlook

If we look back, then weight gain either in men or women was not taken as an issue. Men were never considered to be chubby or over weight in any condition. The heavy body of the women was also respected and seen as a sign of good fertility. It was also said that the more healthier a woman is, the more fertile she would be and the easier it would be for her to conceive. She would also be able to look after the children more efficiently. 

Media Influence 

With the passage of time and with the advent of the media and entertainment industries who portrayed muscular men and lean women on their magazine covers changed it all. Now people began to believe that this is the ideal body type and this is how they also need to be in order to earn respect and be desirable. People began to look for ways to get the ideal lean and muscular body type. 

Slowly men to certain extent attained a muscular body but women didn’t seem to care that much as looking after themselves was not the only task that they had in hand. 

Rise of the Junk

With the new age junk food capturing the market people got more involved in eating this stuff. The food was processed and lasted for a number of days. Not only this the food was tastier and easily available was also easy to carry and travel with. Soon all just eating habits became very common as it suited their fast lifestyle but as every coin has two sides, junk and processed food also came with its own side effects. 


Obesity was one of the most prevalent and widespread impact that junk food had. Younger children and teenagers were its first prey. The taste and addictiveness of the food comes from the preservative added to it to make it last longer. The high content of sugar and hydrogenated oil presented causes the body to gain weight. With every intake of processed, fried, and packaged food you are also taking a certain amount of unhealthy fat, which the body does not digests and  all of it gets stored in the form of fat beneath the skin. 

Most of the teens around the world are suffering from it and many countries are even planning a complete ban on junk food. 

Consciousness for losing weight

Seeing the effects for all the above mentioned things, people became aware about the need of staying healthy . This is the time when everyone was made aware of the concept of health. 

People gradually understood that staying healthy is what should be their goal and also the importance of staying healthy. People also got the insights of the of being healthy and just losing weight. 

Losing weight and being healthy are two very different things that are not related. It should be understood that to lose weight you must lose the unhealthy and unwanted fat, not the healthy one. Also, that in the process of losing weight your body should not be devoid of the essential nutrients. 

Simple steps such as walking your dogs around, staying away from the junk and taking stairs instead of elevator is the simple change that you can incorporate.

Science of losing weight

Most of us do not know the real science behind losing weight and ultimately end up tiring oneself in the gym for long hours. The most common of all the misconception is that the more you sweat the faster you lose weight, but trust me losing sweat is no where related to losing weight. Starving is also not the answer, instead by starving and not eating you are harming your body even more because then the body would start to produce some toxin substances. 

So how does the process of losing weight actually takes place ? Exercising is the best way to lose weight but not just sweating. The fat inside the body is a complex molecule made up of carbon , oxygen and water. When you exercise or make your body work more than the normal it requires extra inhalation of oxygen. This oxygen when combined with the fat molecule inside results in the release of carbon dioxide through our nose and water in the form of sweat. Hence we can say that water in the form of sweat id just a by product of the decomposition of the fat molecule and not a measure of losing weight. Sweat also flushes out the toxic substances from our body. 

Exercises, yoga or cardiovascular exercises tone the body muscle and target a particular area to shed the unwanted weight. 

So if you wish to work on losing weight eat right, do physical activities and trace your breathing patterns. All this is definitely going to work.

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