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March 12 2021



It is terrific and heartbreaking when you do everything possible does not lose weight and feel like giving up. So here I am going to discuss a few things that are responsible for you not losing weight. Many factors can for and at the same time that works against you. 

Factors responsible

Inch loss: Now consider this example or rather a situation that many of you go through probably every day. This is an amusing thing that every time you do some physical activity, you hop onto the weighing machine to check how much you have lost weight but end up disappointed. See the fact is that climbing up onto the weighing machine regularly won’t do any good to you it would only bring your morale down. Exercising is no miracle that can counter your weight in no time but a slow and effective process that needs to be practised for a long time. The problem occurs when even after a proper diet and exercise you don’t lose weight but many of us claim that they look slim and fit good in their clothes. The reason for such a thing could be inch loss. Inch loss means that you are not losing any weight because your fat is getting converted into muscles mass. Well, that’s good news for you as this is the most recommended and highly beneficial way to lose weight. In fact inch loss is the ideal weight loss because the ultimate goal of weight loss is not just to shed all the fat but to develop a well-toned body with a proper muscle to fat ratio. Inch loss is the biggest reason why your weight loss process is not picking up pace as your body is directly transitioning from fat to muscle. Now for this process to work more effectively you must increase your protein intake to help the muscles build. Protein is the major building block of the body when it comes to muscle development.

Binging on food: Now this something that needs to be tracked even if you are not eating any unhealthy food it is not recommended that you should eat all the healthy stuff to your heart’s content. Though I agree that healthy food is low in calories and is something that is included in the diet plan but it is not advised that you start to binge on that food. Binging on anything whether healthy or unhealthy is equally bad for your health consumed in any form.

Maintain your calorie count: Always remember that you would only lose weight when the energy intake is lower than the energy output. 

I will make you understand this in a simple form. Anything that you are consuming has some amount of calories in it, the calories are nothing but the amount of energy that it is containing. If you don’t know the number of calories that each food item contains then you can simply Google about it. In the case of packed food items, it is much easier as the calorie count is mentioned at the back of the packet. Now it also depends on the amount of work that you do. If you are someone who is not involved in much of physical activities then your body doesn’t need that much amount of energy and can do with quite less food. In short in any condition, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Otherwise, there would occur a situation in which you would neither gain weight (which is a good thing) but would also not lose weight (which can be a problem) and who maintain a weight plateau. A weight plateau is something when you maintain a constant weight for a long time. It is because of the thing that I have already ready mentioned.

Stop consuming the whites: One of the common reasons that people are unable to lose weight can be the white substances that you might be consuming unaware of the harm that they can cause. White substances that include rice, processed wheat and sugar are some of the things that you should be avoided completely.

 Processed wheat forms a complex substance that gets stick to the inner linings of the vessels and substances like these further become the cause of many hearts and cholesterol-related diseases. On the other hand, if we talk about rice then it is nothing but a substance that pleases your eyes and taste buds. If we see the nutritional content then there is none so you are just consuming a substance that is of no good but will not let you reduce your weight anyhow. Sugar is also such example with. I am not saying that imagine your life without them from now onwards but all I am saying is to switch to, such healthier options like brown rice, quinoa, Dalia, oats, jaggery, etc. These things are both tasty and filling at the same time.

Stress: Stress can be one of the major cause of you not getting in shape. Some people get worried easily on the fact that they are not losing weight as quickly as they have thought and start to crib about it. You taking stress can initiate certain hormones and chemicals that can increase your weight on the other hand. So even if you lose a little bit or not at all be happy with the fact that you have tried and have come one step closer from where you were. 

Concentrate: This is something that can have a very positive effect if practised properly. If you do not pay attention to your exercises then the exercise did do not have the same impact.

So these are some of the weight loss mistakes that we all tend to make but by correcting them you can overcome this problem as well.

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