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April 09 2021



We wish that your Coffee kicks in faster than your Reality does! 

Keeping jokes aside, this article is targeted to all those caffeine-freaks and lovers of a good cup of coffee that find it difficult to survive sans it. With our constant troubles and unending tasks in a day, it’s pretty normal to feel exhausted or not have enough energy to move on to the next pending assignment. Most people keep a cup as their motivational companion and strive to get through a hectic day. 

All you Coffee enthusiasts will agree that every individual like taking their share of Coffee differently. We’re often quite overwhelmed when we visit a cafe on seeing the enormous Coffee options splayed out in front of us that at times, it gets difficult to choose without going insane! 

We at Alvizia Healthcare have the perfect list to put you out of your tiresome worries and irksome decisions. Just browse through, select what’s clicking your mind the most

and follow your vibe, soundly. We’ve also enlisted potential benefits so you know you’re going to be getting the most out of your steaming or chilly cup of the day! Let’s begin right away, Coffee lovers! 

Classic Espresso 

And no, it’s not pronounced ‘Expresso’ as many Coffee people would find that offensive. This is typically called a ‘short black’ and has less than the usual amount of concentrated caffeine making it a perfect getaway cup. Quite popular among Italians, it also serves as a base for plenty of other coffee varieties. To produce it, one must force high-pressure steam through coffee beans that have been previously grounded. This results in your Espresso having a creamy foamy texture at the top and ready to go! 

Benefits: Improved memory and concentration powers, mood-boosting ability, polyphenols improve antioxidant activity keeping you away from infections, allergies, and free radical cellular damage. 


A well-loved American light beverage, this creamy consistency puts you at rest quite easily. Italians prefer consuming this with their crepes and sandwiches for breakfast for a kickstart to their day. Usually, it’s made up of espresso, foamed milk, and steamed milk, the trio served icing cold or steaming hot. Some people like alternating the milky content with cream for a particularly zest flavor. Coffee freaks will associate their Cappuccinos with indulgence, comfort, and fluffiness thanks to its thick foamy layer. 

Benefits: Studies demonstrate how a cup of Cappuccino a day can prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol and lower your risk of getting heart diseases. Taking it without sugar also helps keep you away from sudden strokes. Apart from this, it helps control digestion and keeps your blood glucose level in check. 

Mocha Frappe

A North American beverage inspired by the creation of Bicerin coffee, this renowned drink is based on espresso with a delightful chocolate base, topped with milky content and some whipped cream for smooth finishing. Customers having a particularly sweet tooth would opt for this beverage. High in condensed sugar, this hybrid variety uses the melange of the sweet chocolaty flavor along with the acidity of espresso to give it a dazzling whiff. 

Benefits: An instantaneous energy boost, maintains liver health, and also helps fight off depression and anxiety. Research suggests how some people in Southern California consumed Mocha Frappes for 3 months and experienced improved bone density and muscle pain relief. 


Completely different from a usual cuppa Cappuccino, this Cafe Latte is certainly high on milk content, as the name would suggest. It contains espresso mixed thoroughly with steamed milk and milky foam. With novel innovations in the Coffee industry today, you’ll come across a variety of popular flavors like carrot cake latte, beetroot latte, strawberry latte, pumpkin latte, rainbow latte, etc. Beginners would consider starting with this type of Coffee as the bitterness and acidity are toned down a lot making it sweeter in comparison. 

Benefits: Assists with burning unhealthy fatty acids from the system. Also, aids in weight management if you cut down on the sugary additives. Reports also suggest how it helps with cardiovascular disease prevention, boosts memory, and adds a glow to your skin. The milk content helps strengthen your bones and teeth too. 


Now, if you’re an avid Coffee consumer, this bitter and extremely strong variant will have you happily bouncing away to glory. The word ‘Macchiato’ itself stands for a stain or a mark and keeps to its name by leaving an indent on your usual coffee choices. However, it does leave a mark on your cup of steaming coffee once the milk is added in. The structure of your usual cup would go like an icy base, espresso, cold milk, whipped cream, and vanilla syrup - from bottom to the top. For an additional flavor, people prefer adding maybe a caramel top layer or another favorite flavor to improve their drinking experience. 

Benefits: Somehow the bitterness is said to improve your focus and concentration skills. It does have potential liver and kidney health improvement actions and helps tone down bad bacteria in the body. 


A classic American favorite, this type of beverage is thought to have originated during the 2nd World War when soldiers were assumed to add water to their coffee to stock up on rations and try and survive longer. Indian tongues don’t adapt well to this flavor as it’s adding a ton of water content to your bitter espresso while still keeping up that caffeine intake. So, indirectly you end up turning a shot of espresso into a long cup of brewing coffee. 

Benefits: It’s said to have positive effects on your heart and liver health. At times, memory boosting and attention span was found to increase after usual consumption. 

Cubano Coffee

Also popularly called Cafe Cubano or Cuban Express, this delight first came into origin when espresso machines were being imported to Cuba. This freshly brewed magical cup in the early mornings sets every individual fresh and rejuvenated for a long Cuban day. In this case, the espresso shot is sweetened after the brewing process and it forms a base. The whole strength is considered to be twice as compared to a classic Americano, consisting of finely ground coffee beans, sugar, and water. 

Benefits: Maintains a state of alertness, keeps you away from headaches and migraines. Improves concentration, enhances energy levels, reduces lethargy, acts directly on the nervous system. It also has shown some evidence of preventing memory diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

Green Coffee

The latest fad in today’s industry, Green Coffee is taking up spaces in the health-conscious segment of Coffee drinkers. Surprisingly, the extraction process happens with unroasted green coffee beans, concentrated in a chemical called chlorogenic acid that is responsible for its multiple health benefits. It’s a simple addition to your dietary habits, with just green coffee bean extract and hot water. Lovers would probably add some sugar, cardamom, or honey for preferred flavoring. 

Benefits: Very effective in weight loss and weight management. Antioxidant content helps improve blood circulation, lowers hypertension, and gets rid of bad cholesterol. Research also shows its benefits in anti-aging skin, improving heart health, boosting immunity, and helping with mood elevation. 

With Alvizia Healthcare, you could also invest in the perfect premium organic supplement for your Green Coffee needs. 

Garcinia Complex (the trinity inclusive of Green Tea, Green Coffee and, Garcinia Cambogia extracts for multitudes of benefits).

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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