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February 17 2021



If this concept is not familiar to you, this article shall provide a basic briefing and understanding of all aspects surrounding Workplace Mental Health. 

In simpler terms, Workplace Mental Health refers to the psychological/mental well-being of employers, employees, and other associated workers at a company or organization and how various factors and parameters involved in their day-to-day work-life promotes or hampers the same. 

A vast number of countries across continents are taking a stand towards spreading awareness about this concept, working towards improving work-life situations to promote a healthier mental outlook, and taking preventive measures to ensure their working-class receives an accurate and appropriate mental environment for carrying out their regular tasks and activities. This not only increases mental well-being but also assures a speedy rise in work productivity, raising profits, and contributing to increased income. 

However, research studies have demonstrated how a series of commonly occurring mental disorders are often linked to diminished workplace mental health or a clear lack of understanding about it. A handful of such problems include heart diseases, stroke, depression, anxiety, neuromuscular disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

Majorly, the cause of such issues dates back to the individual’s lifestyle changes happening due to stressful factors from their workplace environment. Serious measures need to be implemented in the form of Employee Assistance programs, weekly check-ups, compensation management, etc to tackle such issues. 

Following are some of the negative aspects of employers increasing the workload of their employees to an inhuman extent: 

Conflicts at Home 

When problems don’t get sorted out within the 9-5 job at stake, you tend to take them home with you. This puts your familial life and peace in danger as slowly and gradually, the stress of your pending workload takes a toll on your family’s well-being. Imagine coming home from a bad day at work. You end up nagging your loved ones or get angry easily at small things or have a grumpy demeanor the entire time. This is especially common among employees that prioritize work over family. Damaged relationships are very common in these instances.

Health Impacts 

When presented with a terrible workday or immense workload or a fight with your boss, these matters affect your physical and mental health. High levels of stress force you to disrupt your daily schedule, making you skip out on a healthy meal or a gym day only to slog it out with work. Exhaustion is also a rising causative factor for many ailments in the world. 

Employee Burnout

This is clocked into high levels of employee absenteeism due to a sheer disinterest in their work or family decisions or a drastically exhausted outlook. Negative impacts on health, in turn, destroy the employee’s passion for the job. As time progresses they tend to skip out on workdays or have delayed submissions, fail to meet deadlines thus leading to total burnout. 

After stating all these problematic factors, it’s time to think up some effective and sincere solutions to help get things on track and usher in productivity and mental well-being, keeping the passion for work ignited at all times. 

Here’s what organizations must invest time and effort in: 

Destigmatize to create a Positive outlook

It’s time to embrace the novel culture and normalize mental health and its associated aspects. Once the upper management and employers start showing improvements in their mindset and behavior towards this, that’s when employees gradually feel acceptance and start acknowledging when their mental well-being is at stake. This shall avoid people feeling isolated or depressed and make the working environment a more accommodating and welcoming one. 

Prevention is better than cure

Instead of waiting for matters to worsen or reach the last, irreparable phases, it’s best to take them into your hands. Job stressors like narrow deadlines, tough tasks, technical complexities tend to be the reasons for total health distress. It’s best to be prepared by keeping your staff educated and aware of all possible factors and training certain staff members to be able to handle issues before they complicate into outrageous ones. This way, employees feel safe and know that their well-being is also a priority at the organization. 

Keep Treatment Options Ready

It’s also important for the HR team to keep certain guidelines and policies ready in the face of potential issues. Having a medical kit would allow for employees showing flu-like symptoms to seek a simple refuge when in need. In case someone encounters a physical injury, a first-aid kit with gauze and bandages and antiseptic shall do the trick. Similarly, when people face mental breakdowns, services and measures should be taken to help put them at ease. 

Focus on Employee Engagement

Show support to your employees, monitor their regular progress and this is not just in terms of work. It’s vital to keep tabs on their physical and mental well-being too. Engaging with employees in times of need shows a greater improvement in workplace relationships, enhanced thinking, better decision-making, increased resilience to situations, etc. Encourage employees to confide in you about personal issues, make changes to company culture to accommodate the diversity at your office, be inclusive, and show them that their opinions and well-being are valued. 

Offer Private Spaces

Quite often, working in cramped spaces tends to take a toll on the employee, forcing them to work lesser or perform lower and this hampers their output. Once in a while, employers should host quiet spaces for employees to detox or relax, maybe a cafeteria for their refreshments or even cubicles to just take a quick break from taxing work. In some workplaces, communication rooms exist wherein employees get their issues counseled by a pre-employed Psychologist or professional. 

Invest in Technology

Advancements in today’s progressive world are working towards making our lives easier and more productive. What used to take hours or days to complete, now finishes up within minutes. Task management software, customer relationship management software build seamless interfaces to solve complex problems and organize data easily and with practiced finesse. It’s suggested that organizations must invest in such productive tools as a means to engage employees and make their lives hassle-free and develop a newfound interest in their job too. 

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