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January 16 2021



At Alvizia Healthcare, we put our utmost care into helping you redeem the widespread benefits of nourishing health supplements, and today, we focus on one such immensely beneficial ingredient - Fish Oil - Nature's gift to humankind.

It's rightfully stated by multiple healthcare professionals that you are what you eat. Therefore, it's essential to ensure your body is redeeming the correct amounts of vital substances for its healthy survival. This inculcation of a healthy diet could work wonders in the future - aspiring you to become the best versions of yourselves. And, with Alvizia Healthcare's Fish Oil supplement, you've made the right choice!
Presenting, Alenfish - Omega-3-rich soft gelatin supplements for a thriving lifestyle. A novel formula for obtaining the best possible advantages of consuming Fish Oil in your daily routine and relishing the numerous positive health effects.

Let's get into a briefing regarding its main components. Fish Oil is stated to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, two of the major ones being EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are commonly sourced from fishes like sardines, mackerels, tuna, herrings, and salmons. Commonly associated deficiencies of vitamins and minerals could be easily fixed thanks to these components. A vast improvement in brain functioning, relief from cardiovascular disorders, mood dysfunctions, tumors, inflammation, arthritis, etc. is observed after their intake. In turn, studies suggest how they play a key role in lengthening your average lifespan by keeping you healthy and fit to tackle multiple problems.

Alvizia Healthcare's unique Alenfish formula is capable of providing you with the following benefits on its consumption:

Improves Heart Health

Evidence has supported even the American Heart Association to convince the local public into adding Fish Oil in some form into their diets for improved cardiovascular functioning and better heart health. Individuals suffering from coronary heart disease have been advised to consume about 1g of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as a part of their treatment strategy. The above mentioned polyunsaturated fatty acids have shown key proof of being cardioprotective in multiple clinical trials. Its mechanism of action is such that EPA and DHA help the myocardium be less prone to arrhythmia-like symptoms.

Studies have shown benefits in platelet functions, endothelial functions, blood pressure maintenance, and improved blood vessel flexibility, too. Accumulation of plaque and other toxins in the blood vessels is prevented, thereby contributing to a healthy heart.

Anti-diabetic actions

Consuming accurate amounts of Fish Oil has shown to have restoring effects in diabetes mellitus patients. Metabolic functions were found to improve thereby maintaining insulin levels thanks to the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lowered levels of plasma triglycerides and hypertensive symptoms were also attributed to this cause.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

Omega-3-rich polyunsaturated fatty acids have also found to possess therapeutic roles in individuals with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical studies especially denoted how the disease's terrible symptoms could be alleviated on the intake of EPA.


It's surprisingly evident in quite a few case studies that lowered consumption of DHA in the body leads to reduced vision due to impairment of electroretinogram responses in patients that were checked. Photoreception indirectly gets affected if levels of DHA aren't regulated, so this indicates how Fish Oil could also be used for eye hygiene.

Healthy Skin Fish

Fish Oil supplements are able to provide essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy, glowing skin and prevent easy wear-and-tear even as the weather gets harsher. The declining skin conditions that come with age can easily be surpassed after proper intake of this ingredient.

Reproductive health

Pregnant women who consume Fish Oil in their routine diets were found to have sufficient enzyme secretion and anti-inflammation actions during their cycle, thereby strengthening their immunity. It has been noted that the fetus undergoes improved brain development in the womb when the mother consumes an Omega-3-rich diet. If taken during lactation periods, the baby's vision could be enhanced too.

Neurological Benefits

Powerful attention span, improved memory skills, ability to fight off depression are some choice benefits of Fish Oil. One's mental health could be greatly nurtured thanks to this mighty component. Children that are more prone to behavioral disorders find that their concentration powers are also heightened. For patients suffering from psychological disorders like Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, it's advised to have additions of Fish Oil in their food.

Weight Loss supplement

For those looking to maintain a slim, healthy body figure and get rid of unnecessary fat accumulation, Fish Oil gels might just be the answer to these problems. Omega-3 fatty acids have scientifically proven to aid in losing inches of weight and also in shedding body fat. This remarkable ability is due to the fact that journals suggest how it has appetite-suppression effects, helping you get rid of random hunger pangs or cravings.

Liver Health

The metabolism of your digestive system is solely dependent on your liver's well-being and the intake of sufficient Fish Oil helps nourish this important organ. Fatty Liver is a phenomenon wherein excessive fats get collected within the liver cells, leading to serious toxic effects on the body. This is greatly prevented thanks to DHA and EPA, reducing inflammation and improving liver activities.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Studies also ascertain how consuming Omega-3-rich substances are advantageous in the long-run for the treatment of kidney diseases, obesity, indigestion, ADHD, Alzheimer's disease, chronic inflammation, stiffened muscles, and joints, etc. Young and elderly women undergoing menstrual cramps have found tremendous relief due to this component. Some evidence even suggests how the hair follicles could be strengthened due to Fish Oil supply via diet and hence, this relies on information about the improvisation of hair health, too.

A prominent feature is how omega-3-fatty acids help in increasing levels of good cholesterol i.e. HDL (High-density lipoproteins) in the body, which helps with the removal of unnecessary forms of cholesterol from the body. Improved cognitive functions, infant health, and development, in the treatment strategy of dementia, age-related macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome, allergic reactions, cystic fibrosis, etc. have seen impressive recovery rates thanks to this nutritional supplement.

Keeping all these wonderful pointers in mind, it goes without doubt that consuming Fish Oil proves to be beneficial to almost all age groups, with tremendous positive health effects. Its lengthy list of well-established, physiological benefits is striking evidence of this.

Invest in Alenfish - Alvizia Healthcare's prime formula of Fish Oil, rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that could totally rejuvenate your lifestyle.

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