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October 01 2021



Probably sleeping would be the most preferred thing that most of us would do to kill time. Sleeping is a natural process that helps the body in many ways. There is a difference in each person’s sleep cycle and we all sleep differently. A baby sleeps for longer hours not because they do not have any work to do, but there are different reasons for it. Sleep is necessary for a baby to grow it helps his or her body to form bones and do the other work that is necessary for the growth process. Sleeping is a very complex process than what we think about it. We think sleep to be a relaxing procedure for the body and it is the time when our body and all the organs that function throughout the day rest but are this true? Does our body sleep for or it’s just we sleeping.

Our body doesn’t sleep

It is just we who need to sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours, but our body has a lot to do during that time. Every part is working and doing all the work of repair. It is usually said to be your face before you go to sleep because when you sleep at night for a long time it is the body that is busy removing the dead skin cells from your skin and releasing the new ones. Applying vitamin C serum or some lotion on your face before sleeping would give you good skin.

Sleep gives you the desired after exercise effects

You would wonder how would sleep help you get a good body well, there is a secret behind it. It is not so that sleeping alone would be sufficient can you can get into shape by mere sleeping for long hours. No this isn’t the case working out is necessary in every case. The thing is that during the day when you work out and by working out I mean the intensive working out, there are tissues inside your body that go through some wear and tear. This wear and tear happen because no your body needs some extra amount of energy to do a particular task that is more difficult than the normal work that you do. Now, this wear and tear need to be repaired as well, so the body employs some agents called hormones that do the repairing work. All this repairing work happens during the night so the better you are going to sleep the better would be the repair. This is the way how you develop muscles. 

Sleep-related disorders

Insomnia: Insomnia is a condition in which a person is unable to sleep during the night. Insomnia can be due to many reasons few can be medical and natural causes but a few can be artificial causes that relate to your sleep environment.

Causes of insomnia

Stress: Stress and anxiety play a very important role in disturbing your sleep cycle. If you are stressed about something or are in contrast excited for the next day, then these conditions result in insomnia. This is a temporary condition as you may sleep properly again when the cause is eliminated. 

Emotional cause: People and mostly youngsters suffer from this when they have a heartbreak. In this condition, your mind is flooded with thoughts and doesn’t let you sleep. You may get a few hours of sleep, but that is not considered to be a good one.

Not a proper environment: the place where you sleep is also important. You might have heard people say that they are unable to adjust to a new place and can’t sleep because the place is not like their regular sleeping place. This is true that your body takes time to sleep. If the place is not according to you then your body will find it difficult to adjust to such a condition.

Improper sleep cycle: You are waking up very late then you will find it difficult to sleep at a proper time during the night. As your body has adapted to the late sleep schedule that you have set up for it.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a condition that is linked to your respiratory system. This is a breathing disorder called snoring that doesn’t let you sleep properly and you wake up feeling dizzy and irritated. 

In this condition, you may suddenly wake up at times because the respiratory passage could get blocked in between. This condition can also give rise to heart strokes. Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are also some of its common causes. 

Parasomnias: This is a condition in which a person is sleeping, but most of his body parts are moving. Sleepwalking is one such condition that is most common in parasomnias. Groaning and sleep talking are also seen in parasomnias.

Restless leg syndrome: Though this condition quite prevents during the day but may not be resistant during the night. The person may feel an urge to move the legs even during the night.

Narcolepsy: It is a condition in which you would be drowned in a sudden and desperate need to sleep. You would start feeling extremely tired and restless and sleeping would be the only resort left. This condition often leads to paralysis after waking. This is the paralysis in which you would not be able to move the body for a short duration of time after waking up.

Ways to improve sleep

Sleep in a noise-blocking place: it is good to sleep that you should sleep in a room where there is absolutely no disturbance.

Darkened environment: A dark room with good ventilation aids good sleep. It is also noticed that sleeping in a cool environment can also burn more calories during sleeping.

Avoid caffeine intake: caffeine that prevents sleep should be avoided before going to sleep. You can consume green coffee instead. Alvizia’s green coffee is a good product to consume.

This was all about sleep and other relevant information that would help you to sleep better.

Alvizia’s milk thistle can help you with your sleep.

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