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February 17 2021



Yoga is something that India owes pride in. The traditional yoga practice was started in our very own country by a Yog guru who was called Patanjali. It was due to his efforts that this practice of bending the body in certain postures and positions was adopted by people. He firmly believed that, if done regularly, yoga can drastically improve health issues and can cure many bodily ailments. 


Patanjali was a sage who used to preach in the 2nd century BC. He was a learned scholar and was very well versed with his linguist skills as well. He heavily influenced Sanskrit Literature with his work. Many literature enthusiasts and scholars from Jainism and Buddhism studied his works. 

Patanjali compiled all his knowledge about yoga and its benefits in a book which he wrote known as the “Yoga Sutra “. Till date, this book is mentioned and acknowledged across the world for the amount of information that it contains. 

Types of Yoga Postures and their Benefits

There are several types of yoga postures or “asanas “ that you can practice with minimal practice. The postures have their difficulty level and can be done according to one’s expertise. You are new in this practise you can start with simple postures that are light for your body. After a time when your body adapts to this regular stretching and straining you can easily move on to the slightly difficult ones. 

Moving on, the various yoga poses are listed below for further reference:

Katichakrasana: This posture might be the simplest of all and is extremely beneficial in relieving constipation. To do this asana just stand straight on the floor joining your feet, then straighten your arms either in the position of a clock pointing at 8:45 i.e. both the arms of the clock at 9 and then at 3:15, when both the arms are at 3. Standing in such a position for 30 seconds to 1 minute is recommended.

Bhujangasana: To do this asana you need to lie on the front side of your body, then gently elevate push the upper half of your body away from the ground leaving the lower half rest on the ground. Hold your body in this position with your arms straightened, experiencing the maximum stress of your body weight. This posture helps in increasing the strength of the arms, reduces arm fat is also helps in maintaining a timely menstrual cycle.

Sarvangasana: Lie on your back with both the legs near the butt. Gently raise the upper half of the body making an inclined bridge. Stress is to be laid on the hip area. Neck, spine and shoulders are to be left at complete rest. This is the best exercise for increasing the blood flow and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Adho Mukha Savasana: This posture can be a bit difficult for the beginners but mastery can be achieved after some practice. This asana can be practised for weight loss and to cure back pain. Stand straight with the feet joined together, then all you need to do is to bend the upper half of your body down forming a triangle. Knees should not be bent in this position.

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Balasana: Alleviating the levels of stress and improving digestion this is the one that you should be practising regularly. In English, it is also referred to as the resting dog pose. Sitting on the thighs and stretching your hands and upper body in front making them touch the ground is how this posture is practised.

Gomukhasana: It is a simple sitting posture in which you need to sit on crossing your legs in the opposite direction and then taking your hands back to make them meet. Hold in this posture for about 30 seconds with a straight spine. This posture also acts as a check on your fitness level, the longer you can hold your hands the greater is your fitness. Beneficial for sexual dysfunctioning and diabetes.

Ustrasana: This is also known as the “crescent moon” posture. In this posture, you bend your body back over your legs, stretching your stomach and abdominal to form a half-moon. This is an extremely strenuous exercise but highly effective for back pain, weight loss and better digestion.

Sukhasana: As the name suggests it is also designed to provide “ such ‘ or “ pleasure “ to the body. It is also the resting state and all your are required to do is to sit on the ground with legs crossed and a  straight back. Slow intakes and exhales of breaths are the best suited for this posture. It is also suggested to always sit in this posture only and it won’t be wrong if I name sukhasana as the correct sitting position. Eating food while sitting in this posture, provides the maximum benefits and helps in the optimal absorption of all the nutrients present.

Uttanapadasana: Commonly known as the boat posture because you need to stay in the position of a boat. Stress is centred around the guts and abdomen. This is a good posture to practise if you are suffering from diabetes and constipation.

Overall Benefits

Counters insomnia and stress: Yoga helps in calming the mind which reduces the level of stress. It also helps to cure the sleeping problems making you sleep like a baby at the night. Insomnia can also be cured to a certain extent. 

Improves eyesight: Myopia and hypermetropia, the common eye defects can also be cured with proper yoga.

Cures chronic diseases: Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart attack, etc can also be treated.

Improves flexibility: the most significant change that comes after a regular practice is that your body becomes very much flexible, reducing the chances of it getting easily injured.

So this was some of the insight about the topic. Starting from the origin to the various postures and its health benefits as well.



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